AGP 6800GT to AGP 7600GT. A worthwhile upgrade?

  Armchair 12:31 01 Apr 2007

The 7600GT is a decent price, but I don't know it's actual spec., because that info. isn't listed on the site that's selling it.

rest of my PC:-

P4 2.66 socket 478 (single core)
1GB PC2700

  sunny staines 14:37 01 Apr 2007

looking to replace my fault nvidia 6600 with a 7600 whats the best price you have seen?

  Totally-braindead 15:54 01 Apr 2007

Have a look at Toms Hardware for comparisons click here bear in mind these are the PCI Express cards but even so it will give you an idea.

Regarding the card you are looking at Armchair I personally have found that really cheap cards can be a false economy, if you buy a branded one you can have less problems. The Novatech branded ones are in most cases well known manufacturers such as Leadtek but not the most famous ones and as such are good value.
I would not buy a cheap unbranded one off the likes of Ebay for example. And if I was really desperate enough to buy an unbranded one from somewhere else it would be from a company that would replace it no questions asked.
To be honest, considering the hassle a poor quality card can cause I personally don't thinks its worth it as if you shop about you can get a good deal anyway.
The cheapest 7600GT Novatech do is £99.99 click here Overclockers do the Gainward Bliss card for only £93.99 click here just as examples.

  Armchair 17:52 01 Apr 2007

This one is £67 delivered. It isn't second hand. As I said, though, no spec. available..........

Another question. Do graphics cards break down much? I'm thinking it might make a useful "backup card". My only other GPU is an ancient Radeon 9000 64MB jobbie, which is only much good for web surfing etc. these days, and I'm not planning on buying another PC for at least a couple of years.

  citadel 19:04 01 Apr 2007

6800gt to 7600gt is not worth it. 7900gs or x1950pro. plus a decent psu.

  Totally-braindead 20:28 01 Apr 2007

In my experience at least if you get one that works straight out of the box then it'll probably work fine, the only moving part is the fan and although I have had one fan fail on me frying the graphics card it does not seem to me at least to be a problem.
But, don't you hate that there is always a but, I have only ever bought 2 cheapo cards and both failed right out of the box and you have the problem proving it is actually faulty before you can send it back. And if it isn't faulty and its something else like your power supply they will charge you a restocking fee. Theres the money you saved gone right there if you do have a problem.
In my humble opinion its not worth it. Buy a reasonable make one even if it costs another £20.
I've personally got my doubts as to whether this upgrade is worth it anyway. Its a better card but if your old card is still ok I have concerns in that its not £67 of your money anyway, if you know what I mean.
And before you purchase do please make sure your power supply is up to it.

  Armchair 20:39 01 Apr 2007

You're right. I'm wasting my money here. I'd be better off making do and saving for a completely new PC. The 6800GT can stay put (so long as it doesn't conk out!). Okay, RESOLVED! Cheers!

Btw, here is the card I've been rabbiting on about.

click here

Not much info., eh? You can see why I was tempted though...........

  Armchair 20:43 01 Apr 2007

Btw, I did notice that their own brand PCIe 7600GT has a 500MHz core. The stock core for a 7600GT is supposed to be 560MHz. I suspect that the AGP one may be the same, but I don't know for certain.

click here

  Totally-braindead 20:51 01 Apr 2007

One of the cheap cards I had I bought from Overclockers a 9800Pro and it failed right out of the box and I spent nearly 3 weeks trying everything I could think of before I eventually sent it back as faulty. Bought a MSI card instead although it was dearer it worked perfectly and still is three and a bit years later in one of my mates PCs.
It is a good price I agree but the improvement you would get is not in my opinion worth the money.

  Armchair 20:57 01 Apr 2007

Maybe I can get a cheapo X1950 AGP card somewhere up the line, eh? That would be better. I've just noticed that there's an X1950 XT AGP card on the market.......

click here

Now, that WOULD BE a good upgrade from the 6800GT, lol!

  Totally-braindead 23:04 02 Apr 2007

Don't know that manufacturer though. Personally I would prefer something like a Sapphire or a Gainward or MSI card. Or may others. Prefer a make I know, it could be a great make its just I've never heard of them.

Looking at the processor you have I think that when you decide you want a new graphics card it might be time to consider a new PC as well.
My reasoning is whatever you spend on this PC will die with the PC as newer computers use PCI Express and the AGP card wouldn't fit. That combined with the processor speed some modern games require means with some games a 2.66 ghz processor might struggle.
Of course if you're not into games this doesn't matter and in that case theres no point upgrading the graphics card anyway.

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