whatchamacallit 12:23 24 Jul 2004

Does anyone have Geforce 4 titanium 4400 Graphics Card.
I would appreciate if anone can tell me if this card is compatable with Win98Se?

  User-312386 12:28 24 Jul 2004

it depends on your mobo

  bremner 12:28 24 Jul 2004

Yes it is

  bremner 12:31 24 Jul 2004

.........but as madboy33 alludes it may not work to its full capability depending on the AGP rating available on your motherboard.

  User-312386 12:32 24 Jul 2004

you may not even have an AGP slot

  whatchamacallit 12:59 24 Jul 2004

Thanks to all

Motherboard Properties
Motherboard ID 01/02/2003-VT8366-8233-6A6LVJ1BC-00
Motherboard Name Acorp 7KT266AL / Jetway 867AS(-H)/V266A/V266B

Front Side Bus Properties
Bus Type DEC Alpha EV6
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 133 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 267 MHz
Bandwidth 2133 MB/s

Memory Bus Properties
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 133 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 267 MHz
Bandwidth 2133 MB/s

Chipset Bus Properties
Bus Type VIA V-Link
Bus Width 16-bit
Real Clock 67 MHz (QDR)
Effective Clock 267 MHz
Bandwidth 533 MB/s

Motherboard Manufacturer
Company Name Acorp Electronics Corporation
Product Information click here
BIOS Download click here

Hope this help`s

  jonnytub 13:14 24 Jul 2004

board can be click here here it does have agp but only 4xagp and not 8 althought not too critical unless you wanna play the latest games

  jonnytub 13:15 24 Jul 2004

try again click here

  whatchamacallit 13:21 24 Jul 2004


Chipset supports 4x rating.

thanks for your input.

  jonnytub 13:25 24 Jul 2004

googled on the topic and it is compatible.

  whatchamacallit 13:38 24 Jul 2004

Thanks to all, for your help

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