Aging Epson Stylus 870, some quickie questions?

  Diemmess 12:03 29 Dec 2011

How old is this model please I can't find when I bought it?

Has recently developed a bad trait of tiny but visible lines over the entire print regardless of colour, suggesting head blockage or failure?

Put 3 A4s through it yesterday (Christmas junketings, family stuff), all show this pattern, the last no better than the first. Head cleaning made no difference. Son spotted it right away, I needed close-up lens. Is this terminal (Yes--- I mean the printer) ?

All in all is it time to give it away and buy a new printer?

I use a mono laser for most things I do at the desk. Footprint as small as possible (stored in cupboard when not in use. Not interested in an all in one, so if I have to replace it the obvious question is - What should I buy?

  SparkyJack 15:40 29 Dec 2011

Had block or failing? That is the question Good purge of the head by using a head pump device Remove cartridges attach tube to spigot and pump the cleaning fluid in and out or leave to soak.

I made such a device with a refill syringe and fishtank airline tube and have posted the detail here many times. I gather such a kit can now be purchased = likely place - Ebay Meanwhile I will search for the file and post it if found,

  SparkyJack 15:59 29 Dec 2011
  SparkyJack 16:02 29 Dec 2011

Well that link took me back to PCA

try this one


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