Agfa Snapscan Scanner in Windows XP

  westwit 17:43 26 Oct 2005

A friend has a parallel port Snapscan 1212p scanner which does not work on her new PC with Windows XP. Agfa say they have not produced (and will not) XP drivers for this scanner. However there does appear to be an XP driver for the USB Snapscan 1212u.

Does anyone know if it would work to connect the Snapscan 1212p via a parallel-to-USB adaptor lead and then load this driver for the USB version? I don't want to get her to buy the adaptor if it wouldn't work anyway.

  MAJ 17:47 26 Oct 2005

Have you tried the Win 2000 drivers, westwit, sometimes they work in XP.

  westwit 18:28 26 Oct 2005

We'll give that a try; there appears to be a driver for Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000 on the web site. What about the parallel-to-USB adaptor? Will that work if her PC hasn't got a parallel port?

  Stuartli 18:44 26 Oct 2005

I have the Agfa 1212u USB model and recall that although the company produced an XP driver version of ScanWise for it, it declared it was not doing so for the parallel version.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:45 26 Oct 2005

I have the same scanner and spent a long time one day trying all sorts of drivers and patches and sundry advice trying to make it go under Windows XP.

It won't.

  westwit 19:25 26 Oct 2005

Thanks to all. I guess we won't spend any time or money on what looks to be a lost cause!

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