Agentcd.vxd missing from registry

  MCM Direct 10:35 26 Sep 2003

I'm getting a agentcd.vsd missing from the system registry error on startup on a windows 98 machine. I don't have a Win 98 CD to search for it and I can't find it anywhere on the web. Any ideas!

  MAJ 10:46 26 Sep 2003

Do you mean agentcd.vXd, if so, does this look familiar? click here it ooks like you've uninstalled something but there is still a reference to it in the registry, your startup folder, msconfig, Config.sys file or Autoexec.bat file. Can you confirm the name of the file.

  bremner 10:47 26 Sep 2003

click here says this relates to a program called PC-I2C do you have this or have you uninstalled it recently and left traces in the registry

  Gongoozler 10:50 26 Sep 2003

I don't think agentcd.vxd is a Windows 98 file. It is more likely that you have uninstalled some other software but left the registry entry behind.

  MCM Direct 10:52 26 Sep 2003

Yes the file is called agentcd.vxd.
No thats not something I have seen on the machine. It did show up when I did a websearch though.

  MAJ 11:00 26 Sep 2003

First, see if there's a reference to it in msconfig, if there is then untick it. Start > Run, type, "msconfig" (without the quotes) and click OK, look under the "Startup" tab.

More likely is that there is a reference to it in either the Config.sys or Autoexec.bat files. If the msconfig search doesn't give you the answer then rename those two files to oldconfig.sys and oldautoexec.bat and reboot your PC, see if that cures the problem, MCM Direct.

  MCM Direct 11:12 26 Sep 2003

Cheers MAJ but tried both those with no luck!

  bremner 11:20 26 Sep 2003

Have you any experience of accessing the registry ?

  MCM Direct 11:26 26 Sep 2003

A little, why, do you think I'm doing it wrong?

  bremner 11:31 26 Sep 2003

Not at all, from the postings above you have not yet searched the registry.

First read through this click here;en-us;322756 and back up the registry.

After backing up the registry do the following.

Start > Run > type regedit > Edit (from the menu bar) > Find > type in agentcd and see if there any entries relating to it. Pressing F3 reruns the search. On the left pane you will see what the entry relates too. Report back what if anything you find.

  bremner 11:36 26 Sep 2003

Sorry the link doesn't work. It is

http: // support;en-us;322756

Remove the spaces each side of // and after support

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