age old 2001 pc with "hi-speed usb" ports.. usb 2?

  theDarkness 23:23 04 May 2010

Two questions! My ancient 2001 pc tower has two "hi-speed usb" ports at the very bottom of the casing- are they likely to be usb 2.0? It might just be me, but the ports look slightly smaller than the regular four "full speed" usb 1.1 ports I have at the top of the case. Is it just me, are they smaller- or are all usb ports identical in size, including the latest v3? thanks

  northumbria61 23:31 04 May 2010

This will explain USB 2.0 for you

click here

  theDarkness 00:56 05 May 2010

thanks for that. the above website states that its quite likely that all my ports are USB 2.0 if there is any mention of "enhanced", but since this 2001 machine only states "hi-speed" with the 2 ports at the bottom of the tower, perhaps its more likely that my 4 usb ports at the top are only usb 1.1 (next to the monitor and printer connections).

On the pc I have 6 usb connections in total, 4 at the top and the 2 "hi speed" labelled ones at the bottom. Heres what I get:-
click here

It seems to list 8 connections (?), unless more than one usb reference in the image above refers to the same usb port, or refer to a usb device that may have extra connections of its own. I thought that the 4 "USB Root Hub" labels are for my 4 main usb ports at the top of the tower, with the one "enhanced host controller" label referring to my 2 "hi-speed" usb ports, but ive no idea why there are "via ref 5 usb" labels also there. via is my motherboards brand name. thanks

  DieSse 13:08 05 May 2010

"Is it just me, are they smaller- or are all usb ports identical in size,"

They're the same size.

  DieSse 13:10 05 May 2010

USB3 are compatible but different.

click here

  theDarkness 14:32 05 May 2010

Im pretty certain that my 2001/2 tower doesnt have USB3! ;) If what are labelled as 'hi-speed USB' on the bottom of my case are most definately USB2 and backwards compatible with any device, they are still a VERY tight fit with any usb lead! All usb leads wont go all the way in without me having to push very hard, but it feels like these sockets will almost break off if I do (they start to push into the casing, so I dont push any more). I do have the leads my chosen usb leads the correct way round ;)

Perhaps its just because these 2 labelled hi-speed ports have never been used at all, and it is an old system. They are not part of a connected card, they are simply two large white usb leads that connect from the motherboard to the back of the casing. Ive always used the 4 usb ports of questionable usb speed/version at the top. Other than device manager, I wish there was some other program or test I could try that would give me the precise version of each of my 6 usb ports (4 at the top, 2 labelled hi speed at the bottom).


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:38 05 May 2010

Without going into any technical detail, USB is broken up into three speed groups;
Low Speed USB1(1.5Mbps), Full Speed USB1.1 (12Mbps), and Hi-Speed USB2 (480Mbps)

On older motherboards it was common to have both USB1.1 and USB2 ports.

Bart's Stuff Test 5 click here will test read write speed to an external disk of pen drive and therefore the speed of the port.

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