For and against FIREFOX download - Advice please?

  littlestan 06:22 30 Apr 2010

Hi everyone. My daughter's computer is so much quicker than mine to get onto the internet. I have very little in the way of software on mine - she has loads although she has virtually no memory left, but it still is very speedy and her processor is only a marginal upgrade from me.

She said I need firefox as she swears by it. So, do I?? I have a basic home premium hp lappy running Vista, with my freeby spywareblaster, ccleaner, spybot and avast running. itunes and my finepix programme. I am worried that if i give firefox a go it will mess up things as i am slightly panicked by change. Sad silver surfer!

I have ie7 as not sure about the new one yet as still a few moans around. Do you think firefox would speed me up a bit without using up much of my precious memory or interfere with what is already ok?? Advice appreciated as always. Many thanks. LS

  morddwyd 07:14 30 Apr 2010

Firefox may be quicker.

Google Chrome certainly would. It's very fast and slick.

  rawprawn 07:41 30 Apr 2010

I am assuming that your daughter lives with you and you are comparing like with like as far as connection speed is concerned?
If so both Google Chrome and Firefox are good.

  birdface 07:50 30 Apr 2010

Upgrade to IE8.
I had to many problems with Firefox and removed it.
Browse a bit quicker by using IE7pro add-on.

click here

Make sure ad-blocker is ticked and mini download manager is unticked.

  littlestan 08:00 30 Apr 2010

thanks guys. going to give firefox a whirl and if it doesnt work for me will give buteman's suggestion a whirl. grateful. LS

  anniesboy 08:16 30 Apr 2010

Try them all ,use the one you like best,Firefox for me because of of add ons that I like.

  Woolwell 11:38 30 Apr 2010

I've tried most. IMO Firefox isn't quicker than IE8. Chrome is the fastest and Opera is quite good. However I prefer Firefox because of ease of use for me.

  ronalddonald 11:46 30 Apr 2010

you can download your browers from click here

  mooly 11:53 30 Apr 2010

Whatever speed difference there may or may not be between different browsers, it sounds to me like another issue from your description of "so much quicker"

From clicking IE on the desktop how long to load your home page or google ?
How long to open this site from the desktop ?

I use IE8 and Vista and timed it at 4 seconds to open two tabs... Yahoo and Google, and from there around 2 seconds to open this site from favourites.

Security packages can make a massive difference to web browsing... I use MSE only.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:43 30 Apr 2010

"I have a basic home premium hp lappy running Vista,"

Probably explains why its slow -

full of add on software installed with the op system and low amount of memory.

If you're interested in trying to speed it up post back, with the specs of the machine 9hard drive size amont used, memory fitted etc.) as there is a fair amount you can try to make it run faster.

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