Again to confirm. IE8 and CCleaner

  mooly 13:25 09 May 2009

Ran CC again today with identical result. Totally unable to access PCA site, left for a couple of minutes with the "progress bar stuck" as mentioned here untill the DNS cache is flushed, stopped and restarted, then access is instant. Tried several times. After flushing access is within 1 second !
click here

Moved all cookies across the other day. After running CC today all data lost just as before.

  ICF 13:44 09 May 2009

untick index dat files

  mooly 13:50 09 May 2009

Erm... and what's that then ? I know where to find it, but what will that do.

  mfletch 14:18 09 May 2009

I use this site in compatibility mode

  Graphicool1 14:43 09 May 2009

Index Dat files are Microsoft files that keep a record of your Internet activities. You could say 'Spy Files'.

My CC settings are as follows...

In 'Cleaner' under 'Windows' 'Internet Explorer' everything is ticked except for 'Recently Typed URL's'.
Under 'Windows Explorer' everything is ticked.
Under 'System' everything is ticked except for 'Start Menu Shortcuts' and 'Desktop Shortcuts'.
Nothing else is ticked. Under 'Applications' everything is ticked.
In 'Setting' only one thing is ticked 'Normal file deletion (Faster)
Under 'Cookies' all the cookies I want to keep are on the right hand side.
'Include' is empty. 'Exclude' is empty.
In Advanced 3 things are ticked...
1 - Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 48 hours.
2 - Close program after cleaning.
3 - Show prompt to back up registry issues.

I use IE7 as IE8 doesn't run well on my PC and I had all sorts of trouble with PCA using IE8.
Now I'm always logged in and I use CC everytime I come off line, without incident.

I hope this helps. :¬]

  chrisod 14:53 09 May 2009

i use ccleaner and ie8 and never have any problems
ccleaner is set with all the settings i got when i downloaded it and its the correct one for vista.

  mooly 17:21 09 May 2009

Grapicool1... Apart from "recently typed urls" I have the same settings for IE. Under system I have all ticked. Cookies, same as you, all to keep on the right, nothing in the include/exclude folders.
You'll remember all the trouble I had with IE8 as a "Yahoo update" a month or more back, and I gave up and back to IE7.
However installing from windows update the other week and it was a breeze, no install problems at all which was surprising.

chrisod... CC is latest version and like you have it "as is installed". I didn't alter anything. Why just PCA out of all my "favourite" will not load at all after running CC is a mystery.
One other thing I found is that on two sites I use my user name was deleted but not the password.

  birdface 19:37 09 May 2009

You don't have IE7 Pro add-on downloaded do you.

  mooly 07:00 10 May 2009

No IE7 pro... thanks.

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