swanny2 16:54 28 Nov 2004

problem still not resolved but what itis wherever i move me cursor over i get a shadow or lines if i click on text plus the window gives a shadow really annoying ive no idea any 1 help plz ..

  bremner 16:56 28 Nov 2004

What problem are you refering to - or is it cystal ball time :))

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:59 28 Nov 2004

Control panel -mouse- ensure no pointer scheme is set.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:02 28 Nov 2004

click here

Is this it?

[quote] I Just went put a cd iin an the sound is like as if the cd is scratchedbut ive tryed a new cd an its the same.. i had too download the latest windows media player 9 im on windows Me ...i never tryed the cd b4 i downloaded the new version soi dont know if it sounded like that b4 . any ideas any 1 plz .[/quote]

Can you try the CD in something else - eg a standalone CD player?

  swanny2 17:05 28 Nov 2004

do i set visibily too short or long sorry not too clued up on this.. an what shpould the pointer speed be set at?

  woodchip 17:17 28 Nov 2004

Get and load power toys Tweak UI from MS you can remove all the animation features like shadows etc, the slow your computer down also.

  swanny2 19:46 28 Nov 2004

u got a link mate its still same here just a shadow of whatever i go on

  Forum Editor 19:53 28 Nov 2004

please? A thread titled 'AGAIN' just isn't acceptable - it's of no use to other forum users, and will be useless in the database later. If you already have one thread, and this relates to it, then post in that, otherwise explain your problem a little more clearly.

If you want the Powertoys software referred to by woodchip go to
click here and search for 'TweakUI'

  swanny2 19:56 28 Nov 2004

o mate sorry lol . i have shadows on me screen wherever i moveme mouse . thatok

  swanny2 20:02 28 Nov 2004

ive got windows me
not xp sorry

  swanny2 22:15 28 Nov 2004

cheers mate but i dont know how unzip never done it ..tx anyway

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