After updating memory , Start menu is very slow.

  ralph-226856 18:24 29 Oct 2003

I have just added 256MB of PC100 memory to my existing 128MB of PC100 memory, and although most other things seem to have speeded up, it now takes about 40 seconds from clicking on the Start button>My Documents, for My Documents to open up. The same delay occurs if I click on Start>Settings>Control Panel. It only seems to be the Start button items that are slow in opening up as double clicking My Documents on the Desktop works ok. The funny thing is, once I've opened up an item off the start button then next time I use it i'ts ok. My OS is WIN98SE. Any ideas for a cure would be appreciated.

  terminus 00:32 30 Oct 2003


  Djohn 00:35 30 Oct 2003

Try putting the new 256 stick in the first slot and your 128 into the second slot. This just might do the trick. j.

  ralph-226856 18:00 31 Oct 2003

Djohn, Thanks for the tip but before I read your message I found that my PC was not recognising all the memory I had installed and was therefore uncompatible, so I have returned it for changing. Cheers. Rim rim

  Djohn 18:16 31 Oct 2003

Your welcome, sorry to hear that, but when you get your new memory the tip still holds good. Put the largest stick in the first slot and the smaller one in the second slot. Good luck. j.

  danpost 19:45 31 Oct 2003

I posted a similar question back in March this year. Never got anywhere.
P4 on QDI Legend board.Running two sticks of 256, and have tried to add a 512 in slot 0, moving the 256's along to slots 1+2.
Memory test OK at 1024, but everything takes hours to open. 512 on its own OK, and the 2x256's similar, but can get no further.
QDI site no help at all, except to say that I can go to 3gb mem.

Any comments/helpful suggestions?
Cheers, danpost

  FEISAR 20:13 31 Oct 2003

You didn't say which version of windows your running. I have read that both 98 and Me are unstable above 256 and that xp and 2000 are the only OS's that will support up to 3gb.

  danpost 23:19 04 Nov 2003

Sorry Feisar - have not responded to your post earlier.
Running XP. Tonight I have run every combination under the sun and still end up with one stick of 512 in slot O.
All combinations show correct values on memory test at startup. 768 and 1024 no use at all. 5 mins to open a picture!<G>
Any offers on two useless 256 PC133's - unless someone out there has the answer?

Cheers Danpost

  anchor 08:41 05 Nov 2003

Just to clarify matters for others who might read this thread.

Win 98 and ME will run satisfactorily up to a maximum of 512Mb of memory.

  ralph-226856 14:26 06 Nov 2003

Thanks again for repeating your tip about swopping over the memory modules, sorry for the late reply but I've been offline for a few days. For info,I am on my 3rd 256MB module and your tip seems to have worked with this third module. Initially I fitted it to the second memory slot but my PC only recognised 255MB of the total 384MB installed. I reversed the two modules today and so far all seems well,my PC is showing the full amount of installed memory and everything has speeded up. What might also have helped was I ran a system check with Sisandra Utility before I bought my 3rd module and it identified the make and exact technical details of my existing module. I emailed these to Crucial who came up with an exact match for my 3rd module. Cheers. rimrim

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