After Login,All My Screen Text Is Upside Down.Why?

  Big L 266 23:04 30 Dec 2008

Hello.A few hours ago,to my absolute horror and astonishment,I logged in from my opening screen,and everything went from being the right way up to being upside down.As I type this,the monitor is upside down,perfectly usable,and for the life of me I have no idea what the heck happened. Both the keyboard and the mouse work fine this way up.

Any help to return the text the right way would be very useful as I'm stumped as to what caused it.

I promise you I'm not making this up.

  rdave13 23:11 30 Dec 2008

Have you an Nvidea or ATI graphics icon in the right hand side of the task bar. This area called notification area or system tray. If you can't see any icons for graphics then click on the expand arrow (<) then click on graphics icon. See if 'screen rotate' is available.

  rdave13 23:14 30 Dec 2008

If you have a Dell machine then; click here

  AL47 23:15 30 Dec 2008

the picutre is upside down i take it,

it may be slightly different for your machine, im on vista with a nvidia graphics card

right click on desktop
nvidia control panel

theres a tab on the left that says rotate display xxx degrees

  AL47 23:16 30 Dec 2008

it will be somewhere in graphics properties in control panel whatever operating system you have

  Big L 266 23:18 30 Dec 2008

Hello rdave13. I've had a good look around the task bar and quick launch areas and cannot see anything like this at all. Sorry.

  Al94 23:19 30 Dec 2008

Are you the right way up?

  AL47 23:21 30 Dec 2008

you using vista or xp? [or someting else]

  Big L 266 23:23 30 Dec 2008

Have found something similar and clicked on it to reverse this and it worked!

AL47 - one HUGE big thank you for this! Its been driving me made for hours!

Thank you so very much. Sanity has prevailed!

  AL47 23:26 30 Dec 2008

glad its sorted, its a little bit different on machines but there somewhere lol

ive had it happen before randomly too!

  rdave13 23:27 30 Dec 2008

Assuming you're not on a Dell machine then to the right hand side of the task bar you should have an area where the time is (system tray), expand this by clicking on the arrow(<) see if you get an icon for your graphics. Run the mouse's cursor over the newly shown icons and pick the one that shows 'graphics'.

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