after ive uploaded do i have to keep pis on my com

  holligan 19:59 31 Oct 2003

do i have to keep pics on file as iam funning out of space its only a old comp with not much space.also do i take my old site of first before upload new one on.

once your site is uploaded you do not NEED to keep the pictures on your computer but it would be unwise to get rid of them, (save them on to floppies) i recommend you look for other things to get rid of first in order to save space so that your website is stored intact in case you need to re-upload it.

to the second question its probably best if you do.

  Taran 21:51 31 Oct 2003

When you upload your new site it should overwrite the files already on the web server.

If you changed your original site on your computer you can upload and tell NetObjects just to upload any changed pages. This will ensure that it overwrites the files up there with the new ones you created on your computer.

  powerless 23:52 31 Oct 2003

Can you copy to a CD the pictures you no longer want?

You never know when you may need them again.

  holligan 11:56 01 Nov 2003

so its floppys for me.

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