After iTunes update PC never gets to!

  sydsnott 12:46 21 Aug 2013

The only way I can use my Vista PC after updating iTunes to is to start in safe mode. I have tried a normal startup but after accepting my password the blue ring progress gif just goes round and round ad-infinitum whilst there is very occasionally just the merest flash from the HDD activity light. Control-Alt-Delete, and Esc have no effect what so ever. How can I get my PC working again?

  Woolwell 13:04 21 Aug 2013

In safe mode use system restore to put the pc to back before the iTunes update.

  sydsnott 13:28 21 Aug 2013

Thanks Woolwell, tried to respond on my other PC running Linux but couldn't log in as I had forgotten my details! lol

Meanwhile I had left the machine after "Logging-in" to my account and after five and a half minutes it achieved a black screen.....a further two minutes and I had a desktop of sorts... it looked like a Rubik's cube, there were 4 sections none of which matched! after several more minutes all seems to have returned to normal, though I have a cryptic message from "57xx Steel Vine Manager" that says "Could not connect to 'localhost'.port 51116" idea what that means. Dare not try a re-start just yet but will attempt to open a few programmes to see if anything unexpected happens!

  sydsnott 22:01 25 Aug 2013

Just an update, 4 days on and my once healthy 2 mins from power on to fully built desktop and sys.tray is now a distant memory.

It now takes fully 14 minutes, Rubik's cube hasn't re appeared but 57xx SteelVine Manager still complains that it can't find port 51116.

No idea what to try now, maybe uninstall iTunes, which has been suggested though deep down I don't feel this will have any effect as the damage has been done elsewhere, iTunes performs flawlessly.

  Woolwell 22:34 25 Aug 2013

Do you have an Asus machine?

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