After graphics card upgrade my desktop background doesn't fit the screen

  Cumbrian_gadgey 13:04 16 Oct 2014

Yeah, I know this sounds sad but I finally grasped the nettle and replaced both my PSU and added a GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphics card at the same time.

The whole process was fraught with trepidation but that's another story. I have noticed several instant differences (once the PC didn't explode). These are all good. Better definition, much improved internet experience, gaming that left me astounded.

However, and this is a niggle, my desktop background has shrunk, leaving a blue border.After all the hairy stuff, this seems minor, but I want it full screen. I have tried reloading it and that doesn't work. I put the background together using Paintnet and downloaded images. I like it and want it to be displayed properly. What's wrong?

  matt2000 13:08 16 Oct 2014

In Windows right click and select personalise or properties, then go to desktop background and select the option Stretch. Also install any drivers that give better compatability if this does not work

  Cumbrian_gadgey 13:12 16 Oct 2014

Sorry, people!

I went into the control panel again and noticed that the option for displaying the background had changed after installing the graphics driver. I have now reset this to my previous setting and all is well!

Doh! I feel even more foolish now.

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