After format can't reconnect Netgear DG834G.

  Useless 1 18:41 04 May 2008

Help me please or I'll go crazy! I've little experience with installing a wireless connection, but managed to connect the above router successfully the first time round. The CD is a pain!! Soooo slowww to move on along the steps required (also part of the manual's corrupted). However I managed to get a strong signal on the router, but was unable to continue any further.

All 4 lights are strong and steady, but the program says unable to make a connection. I've checked that the phone and Sky links are filtered, and now I'm stymied!

Is it possible that during the time since I set up this connection prior to formatting, that the Sky signal is stronger than before? After setting up the connection, I intend to use the computer (as previously), with the matching Netgear adapter well away from the Sky link.

Any ideas please??

  ambra4 20:35 04 May 2008

Forget the CD

How to set the lan card and network on your computer

click here

  Ashrich 00:39 05 May 2008

Providing you have installed the drivers for your wireless adapter you simply do a scan for wireless networks , select yours , double click on it and enter the security code ( once for Vista , twice for XP ) and click on " connect " . The operating system will remember your code and automatically reconnect you after rebooting .


  Useless 1 09:31 05 May 2008

"Forget the CD.
How to set the lan card and network on your computer.
click here"

Many thanks guys for your swift response. The magic words 'forget the CD' have revived me! About the link you gave me ambra 4, as it's given for 2 PCs would you be good enough to clarify for this ignoramus which parts are unnecessary for me to bother with as I'm only using 1 computer. I know this will be obvious to you, but I'd really like to do this right first time.


  Useless 1 09:37 05 May 2008

Just another question -- as I'm setting this up for my sister and not myself, would it be OK to set up the connection at my own address? In other words, would it travel? She only lives a couple of miles from me.

Thanks again.

  Ashrich 10:35 05 May 2008

The answer that Ambra4 gave you was for setting up using a fixed lan ( network port ) not wireless , as I said before , providing the wireless adapter is actually working , do a scan for wireless networks , select your one , and follow my post above , this will work anywhere , at your place , or at your sisters home ( select her wireless network ) enter the security code and click on connect .....all security codes are case sensitive and must be copied accurately .


  Useless 1 10:55 05 May 2008

Thanks for that Ashrich. I've no idea whether the adapter is working (though it did the first time round!), but it instals easily enough. What rather puzzled me about your post was the 'quick scan' you mentioned. Would that be an internet scan or a computer one? Presumably you mean there's an actual listing that I can select from, and I guess by 'network' you mean the provider? Please clarify that for me.

  Useless 1 11:38 05 May 2008

Ashrich, I've just realised what you meant by 'scan' -- so I installed the adapter on my computer to check if I was right, and there was the link to take me to the list. But now comes the hard part! As I was unable to make a connection on my sis's computer won't the list be empty (as mine is -- I don't have a wireless connection)?

  Ashrich 16:48 05 May 2008

No , it will be Ok , if it scans for networks , nd hers is available , then it will pick it up , the follow as my previous posts , select her network , enter her security code ( either one that came with the router , sky provide one on a separate piece of paper ) or whatever she may have set herself and click on " connect "


  Ashrich 16:50 05 May 2008

Your sisters Sky router will have a unique name ( SKYxxxx ) the x's represent numbers , that will also have been provided by Sky , so you know which router is which !!


  Useless 1 17:01 05 May 2008

Actually it's a Netgear router, not Sky, though Sky TV is set up there -- I blamed that for the inability to connect. (The Sky box is on the same wall as the ASDL connection). I've installed the drivers on my own computer and got a great connection, though there's no 'list' of networks, only the one. I seem to remember that happening at my sis's when I did it first time round. This makes me think I'm missing something here!

The thing I need to learn properly next is how to go through the cmd link and set up the details with TT. So far I've not managed to make that link -- pinging doesn't seem to find me any links!!

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