After fitting new motherboard "what next"

  fullywired23 17:45 08 Mar 2004

I have just fitted a new motherboard and a Duron1800 .The board does POST but when the message comes up "press delete to enter setup"or F1 to continue if I press F1 it shuts down and does another POST.I have not touched any settings in the bios and I have a feeling that I have to set something up in the bios.
My question is What do I have to do for it to boot into windows ?


  Rayuk 18:05 08 Mar 2004

You have just installed new motherboard,and did you reinstal windows?

Have you tried pressing delete to go into bios to check settings.

Have you upgraded motherboard from 1 chipset to another ie via to nforce?

  anon1 18:31 08 Mar 2004

Should not need to reinstall windows just because of a new motherboard a simple bootdisk set will solve that part of it. Dont press F1 instead press delete and enter set up, make sure that the bios is seeing the hard drive for a start

  anon1 18:32 08 Mar 2004

Just to add I suspect the hard drive is not being seen so check the cables are all the right way round etc

  fullywired23 19:08 08 Mar 2004

Thanks Rayuk and anon1
No I haven't re-installed windows and I have been into the bios but I don't know what settings to change (if any)


I will check to see if it is seeing the H/D

regards viejo

  Rayuk 19:14 08 Mar 2004

Should not need to reinstal Windows,
maybe but it isnt just a case of shutting down change motherboard and away you go is it?

click here

  Paranoid Android 19:51 08 Mar 2004

It is often possible to get away with a new mobo installation without re-installing Windows, but I don't recommend it. It is cleaner to do a fresh installation and in the long run it causes fewer problems.

Of course, if both mobos use the same chipset your chances are much better.

You need to get into the BIOS to set up your hardware, try hitting Del every second or so as the system starts. In some cases the timing can be tricky.


  Diemmess 19:56 08 Mar 2004

It seems freakish. Normally I would accept the default BIOS settings as a start, and get as far as I could into normal running, without changing anything.

You have probably taken every care up to now, but I wonder if you have misconnected any of that bunch of leads that start in the speaker case and find their home close together on the mobo?

Another place to check is for a misplaced jumper.

All these are unlikely, but this fault is unusual.

  fullywired23 20:12 08 Mar 2004

I have checked and the H/D is detected.The motherboard "conked out" and the CPU so I was unable to uninstall any drivers as suggested in the "click here" posted by rayuk I had no choice but to change both.I have tried to to boot from the windows cd but when I "press any key to boot from cd" I get a very quick blue screen with some message to fast to read then it shuts down and then does another POST.
any other suggestions would be appreciated


  Paranoid Android 21:40 08 Mar 2004

It may be time to take it all apart and carefully re-assemble, double-checking everything as you go.

Start with just the CPU, RAM and graphics, mouse and keyboard connected (no HDD). Check any jumper settings very carefully, make sure you are looking at them the right way round. (Been there, done that.)

The system should get through POST and let you into the BIOS.

Once you have got that far you can add other components.


  Paranoid Android 21:42 08 Mar 2004

PS what mobo have you got ?


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