After dwnladng .rar files, hw do I open them in MP

  Triprajul 07:14 20 May 2010


I am still learning about how to deal with files with the .rar extension.

First, I downloaded a program called WINRAR. Next, as I learned on the Internet, I downloaded ten ,rar files (a complete film) and then right clicked on the first file and clicked EXTRACT in WINrar. As expected, the file was uncompressed and I was able to see the movie file or the folder. However, after all of this, how do I open the file in my default media player (i.e., KMPlayer) or actually any media player I have on my computer?

Finally, I want to understand this process better. After I “EXTRACT” the file, is the file permanently uncompressed on my computer or do I have to “EXTRACT” or “uncompress” the files every time I want to watch the film in question? Any advice given are greatly appreciated.

  dogtrack 07:22 20 May 2010

Would suggest you create a folder with a name of your choice....on Desktop perhaps or in My Videos.

Then extract the rar file to that destination.

You can then direct your MP to find it, via the "open" menu.

  gengiscant 08:50 20 May 2010

Once extracted it remains extracted.

  bremner 16:01 20 May 2010

It may be an issue with the original files.

Where did you download them from?

  Mike2002 16:11 20 May 2010

After you have Extracted the movie, just click on it to Play. Nothing more needs to be done. If the movie is OK, you can then delete the original RAR file as it's no longer required.

  Technotiger 17:54 20 May 2010

This is just one of at least three threads you have opened on the same/similar subject ... click here Please close two of them by using the Green-tick Resolved box at the bottom of each of your threads, then just concentrate on the one thread left - just to prevent further confusion for all those trying to assist you!

Thanks ...

  rdave13 18:13 20 May 2010

Create a folder to extract and join the rar files. Some advice in this old thread; click here

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