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After the Avast Thread other Day

  woodchip 09:48 16 Mar 2013

Avast tried to update to latest version yesterday and I lost my Wireless network, i.e it would not stay connected. I now have the problem after doing a Restore in XP of Avast as lost the Reg key, though I have the key I do not know how to install it as when I try it wants a File not the E-Mail that I got. and I do not want to mess about registering as it runs to next August

  woodchip 09:49 16 Mar 2013

PS I pressed the Trial so it would work till I get it sorted

  lotvic 16:31 16 Mar 2013

Do you have the Paid for Avast? if so Avast8 key input seems to be under 'Maintenance' tab and then on the left menu 'Registration'

Free Avast: When I installed from scratch on a different hdd last month I didn't have or get a key to enter, but did have to register with an email address (a new email addy not used before in connection with Avast) before it showed expiration date in program. The free one doesn't seem to have any key input from users anymore. (note: although I registered the free one, I didn't and haven't created the new Avast Account thingy)

  woodchip 21:07 16 Mar 2013

no the free version, I am going to look for a older version on my backups so I can remove the new, So that I can then put the Key in. It can then update itself after I do that

  alB* 21:11 16 Mar 2013

I you're stuck, older versions of Avast can be downloaded from FileHippo --Avast downloads ...alB

  woodchip 21:20 16 Mar 2013

Found it on one of my drives, version 4.6 thanks

  lotvic 22:34 16 Mar 2013

Hmm rdave13, worth me thinking about that, I'm not too keen on the new version Avast8, thought it was just me being an old stick in the mud not liking the changes ;-)

  woodchip 22:43 16 Mar 2013

Got it working and registered, Removed it fully. By Add Remove then Avast Free Removal tool then Search in Win Explorer deleted all it found same in Regedit. Then reinstalled and it then let me copy paste the key into the correct box that did not show before. So its back up and running

  lotvic 23:36 16 Mar 2013

I used to have free AVG about 5-6 yrs ago so may go back to that and see how I get on.

  woodchip 19:47 17 Mar 2013

been happy with free avast for some years so it will take more than the problem I had to make me change. How do I know that if I changed, that it could be like jumping out of the pan into the fire

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