After Adding A DVD Drive Computer Keeps Rebooting!

  andywg 10:31 20 Oct 2004

Yesterday I added a Benq Dw1610 Dual Format DVD Rewriter to my PC system, booted up, the drive was picked up etc and shortly afterwards the pc rebooted! This was then the case again again and again! When it did manage to load up, I used it for a while, then the same thing happened. I then brought up the task manager and noticed that if I ran say my spyware programme the CPU usage showed it at 100% and after a short time it would reboot again but if left alone it did not do it.

Could anybody help as to where I have gone wrong?

I am running Win XP Pro with SP2 etc and the processor is a AMD Athlon XP 1900

Many thanks...

  andywg 10:45 20 Oct 2004

If its any help...
the CPU Temp is - 54 oC
System Temp is - 34 oC
CPU Fan Speed is - 5314 rpm (aprox)

  jimv7 11:05 20 Oct 2004

Have you set the master/slave jumpers correctly.

  andywg 11:12 20 Oct 2004

Think so, have tried it as a secondary master and slave as I have a CD-RW drive as the primary slave and H/D as the Pri master.

  jimv7 11:18 20 Oct 2004

Disconnect the cdrw and connect the dvd as secondary master, try that if it works then set the cdrw to slave on the same cable as the dvd.

  User-312386 11:20 20 Oct 2004

could be that the PSU can't handle it

disconnect the cd-rw altogether and see what heppens

  andywg 11:25 20 Oct 2004

Ok guys...will try both of these and get back to you asap....Many thanks

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