After 6 months have lost wireless connection-help!

  joerillibee 14:45 07 Feb 2006

Hi I wonder if anyone has any suggestions please.
I have been connected wirelessly for about 6 months only had occasional connection problem which was sorted out by refreshing network buttton. BUT about ten days ago I lost my connection I rang netgear did all they suggested no go. Checked that it wasn't my laptop dont know what to do next. A couple of times it connected but not now. I'm really ignorant about the technology of these things could it be to do with my service provider or could router be faulty. Please help.

  keewaa 14:49 07 Feb 2006

Temporarily disable the wireless connection in Netowrk connections, enable the LAN connection and plug an ethernet cable from laptop to Netgear. Do you have a connection when wired like this instead of wireless?

  joerillibee 16:37 07 Feb 2006

Thanks for reading my post and responding. If I connect the wire from the netgear router to my laptop i do have a connection I know I'm stupid but I dont know if thats an ethernet cable. Guess what while writing this the wireless connection came on and then went do jyou think it could be a faulty router? Back on again!!

  keewaa 16:54 07 Feb 2006

Yes that's ethernet and if it works fine by the wire then that narrows it down to definitely a wireless problem.

that's the most likely cause.

Suggestions to try one by one :
In the router enable SSID broadcast
Try changing the wireless channel used (to 1, 6 or 11)
Disable all WEP/WPA security
Upgrade the router firmware & laptop card firmware

  joerillibee 17:18 07 Feb 2006

Thanks will try all that later.

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