After 4 yrs. my first crash and what a crash!

  Sapins 10:33 08 Jun 2004

The, abrieviated,, story so far, are you sitting comfortably?

I had! a dual boot with 98SE and XP Home. A friend wanted some help with navigating in 98SE so I booted to that to re-aquaint myself with it.I then decided while I was there to remove some programmes (16) to free up some space. When I tried to reboot to XP nothing would work so I used GoBack to revert to a time before I removed the programmes, when I tried to restart nothing worked again, so, having made back up images of drives "C" and "D" with Drive Image 7 I thought it would be easy to restore from there. During the boot up from the Drive Image CD I got 2 messages.

1. "Failed to install Network Adapter check WINBOM".

2. "No Network Interface cards (NIC) were detected" neither of which I understood so I continued with the restore wizard, when I had finished and re-booted there was still nothing there.

To cut this short I finished up re-installing XP from the beginning and during the proces formatted drive "C" which was ok as I did not have any thing important on it as I had moved all my data to drive "E" a seperate hard drive which I thought was perfectly safe, it wasn't.

Xp management now shows the second hard drive as there and "active" but with no data at all on it, the free space equals the capacity of the drive. Is there any way in XP, or with a programme, I can check/recover this data, none of which is vitally important but I do have a lot of downloads and photos I would like to recover although not at the expense of using a "recovery" service.

  AndySD 10:37 08 Jun 2004

Right click on My Computer then choose Manage then Disk Management ... what does it say on the E drive

  Sapins 10:51 08 Jun 2004

AndySD, can I get back to you on this, the hard drive is now not in the computer, a local computer shop removed it to check it for me and I can't remember what it said exactly, I know it said the drive was "Active" and drive space and free space were 74GB although it's an 80GB drive. I am going to put the drive back in after lunch and I will give you the answer then.



  Sapins 10:56 08 Jun 2004

Hi again AndySD, just checked the notes I took at the shop, I am pretty sure reading from left to right it said:

(D:)-Partition-Basic-Fat32-Healthy-(Active)-74GB-74GB, any help?

  [email protected] 11:34 08 Jun 2004

Sounds as if you lost your partitions somehow and ended up formatting the whole drive.

Not much help this time but might be worth getting another HD for backup for next time................................................& there will be a next time :-(

  [email protected] 11:35 08 Jun 2004

Sorry didnt read properly you do have a seperate HD.

Got me stumped then!!

  AndySD 12:11 08 Jun 2004

As its fat32 then there are many programs out there that can recover the data. There are free ones.

My favorite is not free.... @£35 Getdataback click here but you can try it for free...just to make sure the data is recoverable.

  AndySD 12:52 08 Jun 2004
  Sapins 13:24 08 Jun 2004

Thanks for the links AndySD, I have downloaded them to try when I put the drive back in, will let you know how I get on.

  Sapins 14:31 08 Jun 2004

AndySD, Just finished putting the hard drive back in. In computer management the complete drive info reads:


The drive does not show up in My Computer or Windows Explorer. Will using the recovery software be ok when I cannot access the drive?
When I right click on the drive in Computer Management the only choices I get are delete partition and help.

  Sapins 15:51 08 Jun 2004

Should have said can I use the software?

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