affect of mobile phone on monitor

  kane_2002k 04:54 12 Sep 2003

hey all

just got a new mobile nokia 8910i, but have noticed it causes alot of interference with my computer monitor, (at least compared to my old phone - motorala V60). I would describe the interference as flicking white lines - with the number of lines and the the speed of the flickering increasing with the proximity of the phone to the monitor. Is this normal? does this happen on your pc monitior too? i'm kind of freaked out my new phone maybe damamged.

thanking u all in advance.

  coneypark 05:03 12 Sep 2003

This is normal - all mobile phones do it. get interference on tv and monitor and also on other phones. thats why call centers hate you having one switched on.
So no need to be concerned

  Valvegrid 07:00 12 Sep 2003

As coneypark says, it's normal. It really indicates your monitor is poorly filtered against external signals getting into it.

Eloctromagnetic comapability (EMC for short) is a science all on it's own. This article gives an indication of the problem:

click here

I work in a hospital so I'm very aware of EMC, also I have spent 38 years in the radio telecoms field and I still don't know all the answers on EMC, that's how complex the subject can be.


  Brassed Off 10:03 12 Sep 2003

If you are concerned about this non ionising electromagnetic radiation upsetting your PC, I would be more concerned about the long term health effects it is having on your human tissue !

  raakash 17:31 12 Sep 2003

just keep ur mobile phones away from monitor i also xperience same thing.

  graham√ 17:41 12 Sep 2003

From experience in the field, an analogue multi-meter will also be affected by a nearby mobile phone. The needle will jump around alarmingly, giving the impression of a strange fault!

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