Afew Network Niggles becoming a pain

  Fullywired 22:09 11 Jun 2007

hey guys!
having some network problems at the moment, to start with, here is my set up:

From BT Phone line: 3Com Office Connect ADSL Wireless Router 3CRWDR100A-72
From Router: Ethernet Port 1: Desktop Pentium 3 750Mhz windows XP Pro 10/100
Wireless: Desktop Athmon 64 3000+ 512Mb Windows Vista Ultimate with Safecom 54G wireless adapter SWMULZ-5400 (now atheros)
Wireless: Acer Laptop Intel Centrino Windows XP Home With Intel Wireless.

OK, well there is my set-up, my ISP is talk talk and i am getting approximately 3Mbit downstream according to the router.
So now for the problems:
the wireless connections are being constantly disconnected, there is no pattern that i can find, they just cut off and go to "limited or no connectivity" dispite havng "good" signal strenght at first i thought it was the cheap safecom wifi adapters but then when we bought the laptop with intel wireless and this does the same, i was a little more suspicious. the only way to regain connetion is to unplug the adapter and plug it back in (in the case of the desktop) and press the laptop's keyboard button to disable the wireless and enable it again (in the case of the laptop) in both cases, the repair function does not work and sometimes on my Vista PC, when i try to connect to the network, i double click on the network and it fails to connect, it gives me the option to diagnose or to connect to a different network, if i click diagnose then i am given the options to "try connecting to network again" or "view wireless networks in range" despite the fact that the network shows up in the connect to a network with 3 bars of signal. the disconnetion seems entirely spontanious, i can leave the computer totally alone and it may stay connected for 3 hours to 3 minutes, i can be working on the computer and it can stay connected for 3 hours or 3 minutes and anything in between! i am totally out of ideas on the subjects, previously i have been told to fix the IP adresses before, however this has not helped. any more ideas?
the other problem i am having is with RealVNC, i have just installed this with the home of being able to manage other computers in the workgroup from other locations in the house, however, i have configured the options the same on all 3 computers and when i run the viewer, type int he IP adress, it just tells me that the connection timed out. again, no info i can find online has helped me and i am stuck for ideas.
at the moment i am suspecting the Router being a problem, however it has been discontinued and there are no recent firmware upgrades.


P.S, whilst writing this, my connection has cut off 5 times.

  PalaeoBill 22:40 12 Jun 2007

If I understand this correctly, your wired connection is fine and so this is not an ISP problem.

If so, have you tried changing channel on the router? Re-locating the router?
Stripping encryption, i.e. turn off WEP or WPA and see if the connectivity improves.
It is also worth switching on SSID broadcast if you have it turned off.
It could be a duff wireless card/adaptor in one of the PC's. Try it with all but one PC turned off. If it works. Try the next one....

RealVNC is going to give problems whilst you have this wireless problems. The DHCP server in your router will be continuously establishing and reestablishing IP leases.

Sorry I cannot offer much more help at the moment.

  Ashrich 22:50 12 Jun 2007

I think the first thing I would do is to find the latest firmware update for the router then re-boot it , or even re-set it , re-enter all your connection details and try again .


  PalaeoBill 22:56 12 Jun 2007

He said that were no recent firmware upgrades!

  Ashrich 23:44 12 Jun 2007

Seems odd that it is happening to all three PC's , if you have all your PC's running at the same time , do all the wireless ones get kicked off together ? If so , it's got to be the router that is a bit dicky , maybe time to get a replacement ....


  Ashrich 23:46 12 Jun 2007

Sorry , not " all three " read " both PC's "


  Fullywired 07:36 13 Jun 2007

thanks guys, i will have a go with messing around with afew settings, recently i have found a 3Com PCMCIA wireless card and i have installed it in the laptop to see if it disconnects, i am awaiting results for that! SSID broadcast is already on so that cant be a problem but yes, all the wireless computers are thrown off at the same time!


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