aerial problem

  eccy92 11:07 15 Jul 2006

I have recently purchased a
Leadtek Portable DVB-T USB2.0 TV Box from novatech. However the little aerial supplied isn't much good as I can't get a reception with it. Can anyone recommend a good strong indoor aerial that will able me to get a reception. It does work as I have connected it to the main outside aerial in the other room thanks for looking David
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  Stuartli 11:18 15 Jul 2006

An indoor aerial is unlikely to work very much better, if at all, than the supplied aerial.

Try running a coaxial cable from your main TV set's aerial lead via a two-way aerial amplifier - cost is about £10-£12. One aerial output will go to the TV and the other to your USB2.0 TV box.

It's the method I use for a PCI TV card and the length of the coaxial cable for it is about 60ft (it runs under the floorboards from the back room to the front room).

  Smiler 11:29 15 Jul 2006


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  eccy92 17:44 15 Jul 2006

Thanks will try running off the old aerial

  Stuartli 18:07 15 Jul 2006

You need a wideband aerial to receive all the terrestial digital transmissions (it's sometimes called a digital aerial as a marketing ploy).

  davyjenks 14:52 15 Aug 2006

If I tune in my digital tv card connected to my outside aeriel, I get lots of spot-on tv channels all working perfectly. BBC, SKY, Ch4, et al. However, the only ITV channel I can get is the dopey ITV Play,
Any ideas

  Stuartli 15:05 15 Aug 2006

This is currently a problem with computer system Freeview TV cards and is down to the signal transmissions on some muxes.

The most affected are the ITV and Channel 4 and 5 stations yet some of them, such as Film4 and E4+1 work OK.

By the way see this review of 32 different indoor aerials and note that the best costs only £9.99:

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  eccy92 16:59 15 Aug 2006

Thanks I bought a aerial extension kit and run it to the main aerial from my DVB-T USB2 tv box.on the roof and it seems to work ok know just can't get channels like uk gold it comes up I should recieve it but get no pictures I suppose this is because it is a pay channel also a little disapointed I can't get teletext other than that pleased with it thanks for your help

  dms05 17:22 15 Aug 2006

Stuartli - your link comes up 'out of date'.

  Stuartli 17:59 15 Aug 2006

You can't watch Pay channels on computer system Freeview although the station is/may be listed.

It's the same for Santanta and similar pay channels - these can only be used on a pay basis using a Freeview set top box.


Sorry about that. It seems to have been delisted - it was working this morning because I found it again from an e-mail message to an interested party sent about a fortnight ago...:-(

  Stuartli 18:01 15 Aug 2006

Try it again:

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Worked for me just now...:-)

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