the adwatch bit of adaware

  end 10:12 15 Apr 2004

I have adaware on here (and Guard IE); I am getting lots of updates FOR adaware(sometimes even two or threee in one day).have looked in adaware manual and cannot see what I am needing , so...the adwatch bit OF adaware...does it work soemthing like the "live " bit of Norton antivirus, watching for ads as they "arrive" at the computer; I have put a query into the search menue but nothing is there and do not think there is a thread on this elsewhere(is there???).If I do need to have it "live" thn ??I need to update to a different version, and which one????as the one I DO have is "free", how does the adwatch bit of adaware actually "work", what is it "job", and, if I ahve Guard IE "doing what it shoudl do" , do I need the actie bit of adaware???asking as there seem to be very frequent updates for it and wondering if the adwatch bit IS "necessary".......guidance folks please....and tas

  Hax 11:32 15 Apr 2004

Type Ad-Watch into the Search option of ad-aware help and it will give you all the information you need.

Ad-Watch is only available in the "paid for" versions of the application.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:46 15 Apr 2004

It puts a icon in the system tray and starts with the pc it monitors your system processes and blocks possible hijack attempts on your browser.


  end 10:11 17 Apr 2004

it SOUNDs as thopugh ti works the same way as the Guard iE I hve on here, which blocks everything, except whaT i "allow", adn what I am thinign is to updater that to Guard, theres really little point IN my having the adwatch bit there????

  hoverman 11:34 17 Apr 2004

Sorry to butt in on your posting but I have Spywareguard and Ad-Watch running in the background. Since both will stop any browser hijack attempts, can anyone advise if it is necessary to have both running at the same time?

  end 17:34 17 Apr 2004

???how good IS Spywareguard?????as am wondering IF i DO need adaware and Guard IE together, as Guard IE blocks everythign apart from what I "allow"......

  hoverman 18:45 17 Apr 2004

Can't really say how good Spywareguard is. It just sits in the background so I assume it is doing the job it is supposed to do.

  end 20:49 18 Apr 2004

am closing this thread as I THINK my Guard IE is doing th work that is neded and blocks everythign,so.....thanks folks for the assist...

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