Adware(?) problem

  [email protected] 23:59 17 Dec 2003

Oh God! Guys I'm having a problem with a program called XXX MPEG (click here)
A few days ago whilst browsing a Star Trek site(!) a rude pop up appeared with a Continue button, I tried closing the window and another pop up appeared and asked if I was really wanted to exit "yes/no" I clicked the yes and I think thats what installed it. I've tried using it's uninstaller option (from the system tray, and also from the add remove programs section in control panel). I installed Adaware which doesn't seem to notice it.
The pop ups are back again tonight, I've not touched them but it doesn't matter because the XXX MPEG icon is now in my sytem tray and a shortcut on my desktop.

There's also a file that I know of-
program files\scom\dialers\xxxmpeg which I can't delete manually.
It hasn't appeared in the windows\prefetch folder again yet (It will later I bet).

The website I mentioned above has a FAQ but it seems very biased, 'it's your fault' kind of thing. I've downloaded their SD Uninstall software but darn't use it.

I just don't know what to do :(

Anyone out there help?

  MAJ 00:13 18 Dec 2003

Try Spybot click here first, [email protected], what Adaware doesn't pick up, it usually will. And don't worry about the "'it's your fault' kind of thing." those guys are like Mac users, they pretend they're more superior than us normal mortals.;)

  hugh-265156 00:14 18 Dec 2003

what version of windows?

regardless, first of all if you are on dial up,physicaly disconnect the computer from the phone line.if you have broadband dont worry too much it cant dial out.

next restart the computer in safe mode,as soon the computer is turned on,keep tapping F8 and when the list of choices appear choose safe mode.

once windows starts it will look a bit strange,dont worry its like this in safe mode because it starts windows with minimum programs and drivers running.

click start/search or start/find and type in the name of the dialer ie/ "xxxmpeg" or whatever its called and click ok.anything found delete it.

once you have done this click start/run and type "regedit" click "edit/find" and type the dialers name in here too and click ok.if it finds anything it will stop on it and it will be highlighted.right click and delete then tap F3 to continue searching.keep going as before untill windows tells you its finished searching through the registry.

next if you have xp,click start run and type "msconfig" and click ok,click the start up tab and if there is any reference to the dialer here untick it and restart the computer.

that should work i think.

  [email protected] 01:06 18 Dec 2003

Hi guys! thanks for thequick response :) I forgot to mention a little about my system. Windows XP, Broadband.

Just one thing before I go through your list Huggyg71. Is it just the XXX MPEG bit I delete or can I ditch the folders where it lay which I think was: scom\dialers\xxxmpeg. There isn't ant other files in the scom or dialers bit.

I don't know if I should worry about my computer dailing an expensive number without my know how (the past few days my I've been disconected from Unreal Tournament a few times. But on reconnecting I didn't notice anything strange in the dail up connection box - Zoom ppp dsl (which is what it usually says).

Thanks for your time Huggyg71 and MAJ I'll get Spybot & got though your advice.

  hugh-265156 02:02 18 Dec 2003

with broadband it cant dial out so you are ok there,its just an annoyance.

set a system restore point first in case you delete somthing you shouldnt.

search for all references to the dialer by the names above you list.i would try looking for "xxx mpeg" or "xxxmpeg" "sex" etc first as above and see what is listed.

when using search it may throw up similar names if you type "scom".

if you are unsure if its the dialer or not leave it or if its highlighted in blue its a system file,again leave it.same in the registry.only delete if you are sure its the exact name.

  petersmyth1 02:47 18 Dec 2003

 [email protected] chuck Internet Explorer in the bin use a secure browser with the ability to block pop ups as well. I use Opera, a free net download. Like 99.9% of peeps I started with IE and after 2 years with intrepidation I downloaded Opera and began using it. I still have IE on hard disc, I need it for my online banking, it's my High St Irish bank but they say by the next decade they'll come to terms with Opera.  [email protected] download it and try it, you can import your IE favourites, it's faster with more options and if it's not for you uninstall it. IE is still there to fall back on. ....Peter

  Jester2K II 07:40 18 Dec 2003

Also get SpywareBlaster click here as it prevents these things installing in the first place.

Don't worry about the Prefetch folder either. It just a record of files used and not a copy of any diallers or programs.

  [email protected] 11:13 18 Dec 2003

Hello :)
Stupid, stupid monitor. I've just found out I can't go into safe mode, my TFT won't go lower than 800x600, I get a 'video mode not supported' message. I might need to go into safe mode in future(??) Should I be hunting around for a cheap 15" CRT?

I did install Spybot which found 50-60 things all in 'red'. It now seems to have dispatched everything :) I've also gone into privacy bit of Internet Options and moved the bar from LOW to MED HIGH. Hopffully that will help too.

I don't know anything about Opera petersmyth1, but I think I'll look into it some, would you recommend any sites for me to read up on it?

Again thank you very much for your time guys

  GroupFC 13:20 18 Dec 2003

To start have a look at the Opera site at click here

Alternatively wait for Persala to see your thread
and he will be able to give you chapter and verse!

  [email protected] 20:40 18 Dec 2003

Thank you GroupFC, I'm on my way over there. (I'll tick this problem resolved)

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