adware pop up

  ant17 12:04 25 Oct 2008


I have searched the forum but cant find anything relevant.

I keep getting an adware pop up appear on my desktop. I am running Norton and have recently downloaded super anti-spyware.

Any ideas why they are still popping up?

Thanks in advance

  provider 2 12:11 25 Oct 2008

Some answers for you from WOT:

click here

  birdface 12:14 25 Oct 2008

I don't suppose you know what program the pop up is advertising. or what it says.

  ant17 12:20 25 Oct 2008

any ideas why the adware pop up keeps coming up?

it is advertising some apartments!?!

  provider 2 12:23 25 Oct 2008

Online Threats - Adware
What is adware?
Adware is unsolicited commercial software that comes combined with a host application, usually freeware or shareware, which displays advertising while the program is running or through some other triggering mechanism. Some adware hides components and disables removal techniques making it difficult to remove. Adware may also gather user information which causes privacy concerns.

Where does adware come from?
Adware is most often integrated into free applications. MyWay Searchbar, which has utilities such as SmileyCentral and Zwinky, and WeatherBug (adware can be turned off with a paid upgrade) are examples of apps that reported to contain adware. Adware and spyware programs may also be installed because your browser or operating system has a security hole which was exploited.

How does adware affect my computer?
Pop-up advertisements appear during web browsing or general desktop use. These are annoying and in some cases degrade system performance.

  ant17 12:26 25 Oct 2008

thanks for the replies.

any ideas how i can remove it?

  provider 2 12:31 25 Oct 2008

Run your SUPERAntispyware. It`s a good program, often recommended here.

  ant17 12:33 25 Oct 2008

i have ran it a few times over the last day or so but it keeps coming up. just keep running it do you think?

  birdface 12:37 25 Oct 2008

Update it and run it in safe mode.

  provider 2 12:41 25 Oct 2008

No . If it didn` t find the problem first time round, it`s unlikely it will do so next time unless you set it to deep scan or you boot into Safe Mode (F8 repeatedly) and scan from there.

Alternatively, you might want to give MBAM a try:

click here

Make sure you get the free version, install, update and run. (Update, NOT upgrade).

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