Snrub 21:01 07 Sep 2011

McAfee has found Adware-OpenCandy.dll on my computer. Does anyone know of and used a removal tool for this infection.

  drapps 21:13 07 Sep 2011

  Snrub 22:15 07 Sep 2011

drapps - can't see any response, can you repeat plse?

  drapps 00:30 08 Sep 2011


Err, sorry about that last "response"! I don't know what happened there. Lol. :)


Quick overview of OC:

OpenCandy is a moderated software network that enables developers to recommend (i.e. advertise) another piece of software during their application's installation using our installer plug-in. Developers earn money when someone chooses to install a recommendation and use the proceeds to offset ongoing development (and support) -- and, in many cases, to keep their software free!

The installer plug-in is automatically removed after the install and recommendation process is finished (since it has no functionality outside of the installer it was integrated with). So unless something odd happened (power went out during install, etc) that caused it to not be automatically removed -- then McAfee is detecting (as low-risk/level adware) a downloaded installer on your system that has OC integrated in it. Information on resolving the issue is here: (Basically, if it's being detected in a downloaded installer, look for the path of the file so you can delete the installer if you're uncomfortable with OC.)

If you have any questions at all, I'll be happy to help*.

Be well! :)

Doc "Dr." Apps

Software Community Guru for OpenCandy

*I'm on my way out the door to the doctor because of abdominal pain... I don't know how quickly I'll be able to respond... just hoping it's NOT appendix!

  Snrub 00:57 08 Sep 2011

Doc "Dr." Apps I ran an update for Firefox 6.02 fron and suffered a BSOD crash during this process for an unkown reason which according to your information prevented the removal of Adware-OpenCandy.dll I do not see why your site does not provide a removal tool other than it is not in the sites interest to do so. Although, I think your site should.

  Snrub 01:30 08 Sep 2011

A re-run of McAfee after a previous run and quarantine has confirmed McAffee has now removed this spyware. For PCA reference other spyware software such as SAS, Malwarebytes and Iobit did not find Adware-OpenCandy.dll on my computer.

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