Adware nightmares in all Internet browsers

  thrifty yorkshireman 21:24 02 Oct 2014

I have a four month old Toshiba Qusmio all in one PC running windows 8.1 for the laST 2 months my browsing is a nightmare as I am constantly plagued with adware, some of it noisy vidio covering most of the screen, I have tried endless suggestions as how to get rid of this stuff but nothing has much success, Will doing a computer refresh from PC settings get rid of it ?

  lotvic 21:33 02 Oct 2014

Reset, Refresh etc. These are the options and what it does to your files ClickHere

  lotvic 21:36 02 Oct 2014

This seems a good guide with screenshots

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:52 02 Oct 2014

Forget the reset you'l just be back to where you are shortly.

You need to get rid of any tool bar addons in your browsers ADWCleaner is good and free for this job.

Toshibas come with a lot of built in "Bloatware" Worth using something like PCdecrapifier.

You have not said what Antivirus / antimalware protection you are using?

or what browser you use?

Browsers need an Ad blocking program such as Adblockpro (FF or Chrome) it depends on the browser - this will stop most of the intrusive adverts.

  thrifty yorkshireman 19:16 05 Oct 2014

Many thanks for your answers, I mainly use Firefox, and sometimes Internet explorer And Virus protection is Windows defender

  rdave13 20:18 05 Oct 2014

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ really. First of all open IE then go to tools, internet options, advanced tab and reset IE. Go to Bleeping Computers, download AdwCleaner and Junkware removal tool (scroll down for that link).

Close all browsers and run AdwCleaner. Run as default and clean all it finds. It will the call for a reboot.

Check your browsers. It will do no harm if you then run the Junkware removal tool as a final clean - up.

Lastly download Avast! free from the link. On installing always use the 'custom' install. That will allow you to untick boxes for Google toolbars and other junk etc. which you don't need. Register with them.

Avast will automatically disable the poor Defender program supplied by Microsoft.

There are other free antimalware programs you should download but we'll leave them for now to see if your machine is working ok first.

  wee eddie 22:06 05 Oct 2014

Methinks that you are the author of your own misfortunes. Although how you have managed to download this rubbish I have no idea.

Equally, as all browsers are free, you would not wish to deny some advertising revenue, would you?

Once you have got rid of the stuff, which will include clearing all your old back-ups and System Restoration Files, you are going to have to consider what you use the internet for, and how you go about it, or you will be back to square one again in no time at all.

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