Adware called Personal AntiVirus keeps popping up.

  Valli1 00:17 23 Sep 2009

Hi. For the past two days I have had constant popups and interference insofar as it seems to have prevented me from using Internet Explorer (am on Firefox right now) from something called Personal AntiVirus. I did a scan with McAfee which I have on here but it was okay. I downloaded malware bytes which my son suggested but then it wanted money to put things right???? I cannot get rid of this Personal Antivirus thing and it is really stopping my enjoyment of my rather old (Windows XP PC). My son seemed to think Malware was free but I could not get it to scan without asking for money. Has anyone any ideas as to how I can get rid of this "thing" and is there a FREE download I can use. I cannot find it in my Programmes (Personal Antivirus) (it must use another odd name) and not being that PC savvy I am loath to delete something unless I know what it is. This thing which has a shield in orangey yellow as its symbol just will NOT go. It also wants money if I use it. Can someone please give me some fast advice before I go beserk. Many thanks. Valli

  birdface 09:25 23 Sep 2009

click here try the download link at the bottom and run it in safe mode if you can.

  birdface 09:29 23 Sep 2009

And maybe try this.

click here

Best if you can get someone to download it from another computer and run it in safe mode.
It is a pay for program but it will remove anything that it finds you get a 30 day trial and if it asks for payment ignore it and carry on with the scan.
If it does not clear everything at least it lets you update and run the rest of your security programs.

  Valli1 01:03 24 Sep 2009

I posted this query on two sites and to avoid confusion I will consider it "solved" on this site and stick to the one site but thank you everyone who offered advice - probably the same guys who offered it on the other site. Cheers.

  ambra4 02:36 02 Oct 2009

Don’t forget to tick the box and click resolved

  p;3 13:19 02 Oct 2009

Are you running the Malwarebytes in Normal mode and with up to date definitions?

Can you show us the report from the scan as maybe you are neglecting to do the required reboot and a scan rerun when malware is found ?

  Valli1 22:57 02 Oct 2009

Hi. I am still getting problems with this thing!!!! I tried Malware and it did not give any result. McAfee says it is a "safe" site. All well and good but I don't want it. I spend all evening muttering
"go away" and I am talking to the adware - duh!!! I am at my wit's end now. I think I am typing and then find that it has popped up again and I have to start again. AArrgg!!! There MUST be a way of getting rid of it. PC Advisor just came up and said it was "safe". I am baffled. All my scans say all is well and the PC works fine on Mozilla but Internet Explorer is "blocked". Any connection???? If anyone has any ideas I will try again. Thanks all.

  rdave13 23:22 02 Oct 2009

Download Superantispyware (free version); click here , update and run full scan in safe mode- click here

  lotvic 23:25 02 Oct 2009

Remove Home Personal Antivirus (Uninstall Guide) with screenshots click here

  p;3 10:43 03 Oct 2009

Of interest, does the XP computer have SP3 installed on it ?

Malwarebytes is a FREE program and does not require any money to use it

You say you have sought help elsewhere; can you show us where so we know what they have tried for you ?

Can we please see a scan report from the Malwarebytes scan to see what is going on ??

The log is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.

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