Hetti 20:26 13 Jul 2004

I just installed and ran Adware6 for the first time, it gave me a list of 67 items and asked if I wanted to remove them, I did not remove as I'm afraid I remove something important. How do I know which is safe to remove?

  Smegs 20:28 13 Jul 2004

Hetti, when I installed Adaware for the first time, it picked about that up. I just deleted everything. Had NO problems. But it is up to you. I bet a lot of them are cookies.

  one23 20:30 13 Jul 2004

Same here.

  Dorsai 20:45 13 Jul 2004

Ad-aware should just put the stuff it removes into quarantine, so if it makes a mistake it's still on the PC to be restored if you need it (just out of use if it's nasty).

I have 93 nasties there...if all else goes well i will delete them for good one month after they went into Q.

  gudgulf 20:50 13 Jul 2004

I have always deleted everything that Adaware finds on my own and a number of other pc's that my friends and neighbours have asked me to sort out.Some of these had many hundreds of items to delete on first scanning.

I have never,ever had any problem with adaware deleting anything that was actually needed.

So go ahead,tick the lot and let them Adaware deal with them.

  tornado3 20:52 13 Jul 2004

i ran it a few days ago. found over 600 i deleted the lot and had no problems.

  Hetti 20:53 13 Jul 2004

OK thanks Dorsai and all

Im going to quarantine items for a month as you say, then delete if all ok

  CurlyWhirly 02:34 14 Jul 2004


Do you run Spywareblaster as this excellent program stops spyware getting on your PC in the first place and it's FREE.
I was so pleased with this program I gave a small donation to the author!

  L plate marky 02:55 14 Jul 2004

I have Spywareblaster and still get the odd piece of malware in the system. Does it tell you when or what it has stopped? I'm being lazy here but do you need to buy a version of it or is the free one the genuine article?

  Dumble452 07:57 14 Jul 2004

Its free, but you have to pay if you want automatic updates , manual updates don't cost anything. There is a new version available click here but I havn't got round to downloading it yet.

  €dstowe 08:26 14 Jul 2004

You really should install the latest version.

An old version will not be updated and thus leave you open to infection/attack.

Using an out of date protective system (A/V, anti-spyware, anti-trojan) amounts to it being totally useless.

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