Advise re wireless usb card

  Eileanbeag 18:49 07 May 2009

My friend has just got a new computer - no wireless card and has gone Broadband for the first time. The problem is this - her telephone connection at the computer is secondary and the broadband connection will not work from this; her main telephone connection has no plugs nor space for her desktop computer; Should she try to change her telephone connection or will she do better to go for a usb wireless - any advice would be appreciated

  Technotiger 19:20 07 May 2009

With broadband she should be using a broadband filter, often known as a ADSL Filter or Splitter - this has two connecting points, one for the telephone and one for the Ethernet connection to the computer. This Filter/Splitter is connected first directly to the Telephone wall socket and then the two connections (phone/PC) made to the Filter/Splitter.

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  Eileanbeag 19:59 07 May 2009

She is but BT say that her extension will not give broadband signal and it doesn.t

  Technotiger 20:09 07 May 2009

Hmm, afraid I don't fully understand - is the Extension an actual number extension, as at place of work for instance. Or is it simply a telephone extension cable at home?

If the former, then her Administrator may have an answer - or if at home, are there Filters on each telephone connected?

Or it could simply be that her area is not covered by broadband, due to location.

But in any case I am puzzled ... and has gone Broadband for the first time ... How?

  Technotiger 20:11 07 May 2009

Just had a thought - perhaps she needs something like 3's USB Broadband Dongle.

  Technotiger 20:12 07 May 2009
  Eileanbeag 20:18 07 May 2009

She is able to receive broadband if she connects to original installation but that doesn't suit as she has desktop computer and not electiricity points close to the telephone - but she can't set up broadband at her computer as it is only an extension - the broadband light does not change from yellow to blue - bt say that she has to have the original installation of the phone to set up broadband.

  Technotiger 20:25 07 May 2009

Sorry, maybe I am just having a Senior Moment - but I still don't understand. I have run BT Broadband for years via a long telephone extension cable with no problem. I did of course have Filters on all my telephones (I had four at the time).

I don't understand what you mean by "original installation" - it is not necessary to have electric socket for PC near the phone.

My apologies for being so thick!!

  Technotiger 20:28 07 May 2009

Ah ... I t6hink the mist is clearing - of course a Power socket is needed for the Broadband Router - but this can be overcome by using a Power extension cable.

  Eileanbeag 20:31 07 May 2009

Maybe it's me - but when we set up broadband for the first time with BT broadband thy asked if we had BT printed on the connection box. It was printed on the connection box for the original phone installed - the computer works from an extension and when we try to set it up the broadband connection on the router does not change from yellow to blue and bt say that broadband will only work from the original installation - is there a way round this?

  Eileanbeag 20:33 07 May 2009

This is a home phone so all work from original number - there is one stange thing in that BT say there was a fault on the line which they have corrected - the extensions could receive telephone calls and the original installation could not.!!

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