Advise On New Quiet Harddrive(7200rpm, 80gb)

  Jimmyh 11:28 20 Feb 2006

Im looking to buy a new harddrive and I would like a quiet one at 7200rpm, ATA133, 8mb, I guess i'll settle for ata100 and 2mb but it needs to be 7200rpm I think.

My current drives:
Maxtor 6Y080L0 7200 RPM ATA133 Buffer 2 MB
Seagate ST380020A 5400 RPM ATA100 Buffer 2 MB

I think the maxtor might be on it's way out, it makes a floppy drive like noise when it acces the drive.

I would get one from ebay but I would prefer a brand new one which will then last longer.

But just really looking for a quiet reliable drive.


  rmcqua 11:52 20 Feb 2006

You didn't mention size, but how's this for a cheap, quiet 80Gb/8Mb.
click here
You didn't mention SATA - I assume your m/board doesn't support it?

  Jimmyh 11:58 20 Feb 2006

Opps, yeh sorry cant do sata and looking for 80gb as i want to spend around £30-40

  rmcqua 12:09 20 Feb 2006

OK, well then, that Maxtor 80Gb drive at £37 inc. VAT should do you nicely.

  Fingees 12:13 20 Feb 2006

If I were you, I would certainly get a larger drive than 80g.

have a look at all the drives on novatech whilst you're there.

I run 200g and that leaves plenty of space for future.

.It's surprising how drives fill up.

  Christopher Lewis 12:16 20 Feb 2006

Seagate Barracuda. Quiet & reliable

  Jimmyh 12:22 20 Feb 2006

25db is the the best ive found, although not great reviews.

click here

  rmcqua 19:35 20 Feb 2006

Jimmyh wants to spend 30 - 40 pounds. I'm sure he would like a 200Gb drive if his budget permitted.

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