Advise needed on people finding

  User-178362 00:32 24 Jul 2005

I have been clicking on many different sights. Signed in on some but not sure which.

I no longer want to be on them. Should I comeout and would people be able to tell if I am on the sight and who I have been looking for?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:52 24 Jul 2005

No one would know that you have been on the site usually....but has a service where you can be emailed if someone is requesting information about you. This is/was only available in the professional version.


  lotvic 00:57 24 Jul 2005

create yourself a hotmail email address, use a false name and address to do this.

Then using your false name and a silly name like [email protected] address (ie grtesef register with the sites and search for yourself sea princess and if you can't find yourself you will then know for sure that no one else can

also delete your cookies regularly

  User-178362 13:21 24 Jul 2005

I can see my name on

Not sure if I am a member. How can I tell and how do I take my name off thier list

  De Marcus™ 13:38 24 Jul 2005

Unfortunately you can't remove yourself from the list as it uses the publicly available electoral roll information, not even the beckhams can get out of that one.

  User-178362 13:50 24 Jul 2005

I have ticked the box on the electoral roll so my name doesn't appear.

On it has my Postcode also

Just looking to see what I can do, but I'm not very good at takeing things in

  User-178362 15:01 24 Jul 2005

I am registerd on

How do I take my name off so that I am no longer regisared

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:11 24 Jul 2005

'not even the beckhams can get out of that one'...oh yes they can...and do.

192 relies on PUBLICALLY available information. No matter what you do you cannot 'erase' yourself totally. The only way is to change your name and become a hermit. Welcome to the free world. Forget it and move on.


  De Marcus™ 15:34 24 Jul 2005

Can they do this legally GANDALF <|:-)>?

I thought you were legally bound to fill it in?

Don't suppose it makes much difference though I certainly wouldn't pay to see victoria beckhams (or anyone elses for that matter) full details on

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:24 24 Jul 2005

You register the owner of the house as a company ;-)))


  De Marcus™ 16:25 24 Jul 2005

Lol, where's theres a will there's a way.

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