Advise on Graphic Card please.

  oo7juk 15:29 26 Jul 2003

Looking to purchase a Gfx card. It must have the following: 128mb, 8x AGP, support Direct V9.0 and tv out.

There is various 128 mb cards out there but they vary in price.

Many thanks.

Well, what do you need the graphics card for? What is your price range? How long you planning on keeping it? What are your current specs? All these questions first need to be answered, before anyone can advise you on what card to buy.

  rickf 15:56 26 Jul 2003

msi fx5600-vtdr 128 or 256. the difference in price between the two is negligible so get the 256mb. Theo ther which is excellent for the price at £100+vat is the Chaintech -fx5600 ultra A-FX70. This caed is very diffcult to find though. Both had very good reviews.

  rickf 15:57 26 Jul 2003

sorry about the typo! Should red "The other."

  oo7juk 16:25 26 Jul 2003


I want the card for gaming, £120, Would like to keep it for a good few years. I'm getting a new mobo fitted that will accept AGP x8 cards, it's a asus quite a good board, using my existing processor (1.4ghz AMD).

Have been quoted the following card ASUS V9280/TD, has a lot of good features but is only direct version 8.

How important is direct x version 9 anyway, is it worth me increasing my budget for a card that supports it, in the long run.

Thanks for getting back to me, look forward to ur reply.


  citadel 16:45 26 Jul 2003

a fx card will be good for dx9 games coming out shortly half-life2 etc. dx9 adds extra shaders etc. that make improved graphics. I would get the chaintech card mentioned above as it is fastest and cheapest.

  rickf 20:25 26 Jul 2003

I have been looking for the Chaintech everywhere but could not find it. It was reviewed in Micro Mart last wk. The MSI mentioned is easily obtainable but more expensive. Its around £130 but with lots more features but go for the 256 as I said. Only a few quid difference. The V stands for video in/out which this card has. Others have only video out.

  goonerbill 22:10 26 Jul 2003

have a look in this months computer shopper ( sorry FE for mentioning rival publication )its doing a review of 30+ of the latest graphic cards from budget up to top end.

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