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  [DELETED] 12:30 24 Jun 2006

My brother purchased a Dell laptop about a year ago, and on Monday they phoned and asked if he would like an extended 3yr warranty. It was £56 and he was pleased with the laptop so he said no. On Wednesday (two days later) he was using it, and it started somking. A fireball blasted from it and he ripped out the power cord. After seekiing advice from PC World, they said that the power adapter had short circuited and had sended too much power down. He said that the mobo could be broken. My bro said that smoke was coming rom the PSU and as soon as it started smoking the laptop shutdown. So me and my dad are going o have a look and if we can't get it going, we're going to strip the good parts. They want £400 for the mobo, he paid that for the laptop. A couple of others have had this too. My advise: don't buy from Dell, they wan't to sell, not replace. My bro said that he is going to ask them abaout a replacement and if they say no, then what about taking them to court for dangerous equipment? What if the battery exploded? He could be blind, it could of burned down the flat! Any advise?

  spuds 14:21 24 Jun 2006

Had he paid the £56 he would have had no worries. You did say "he was pleased with the laptop", and now you or your brother want some extra out of warranty work done for free.

If your house as an household and accidental insurance cover, then you may have grounds on making a claim via that.

Regarding the fire and safety risk, I would take this up will Dell, as it would appear as though this fire risk is not unknown (another thread in Speaker's Corner).

At the end of the day, Dell are there to sell things, and not provide free service, that's what business is all about. Telling people not to buy, on an after event, is not the way to go about things.Deal with this matter politely, and perhaps Dell will come to you and your brothers aid.

  Taff™ 14:33 24 Jun 2006

Definately go back to Dell! Immediately! If this is a known issue they should have recalled the product and they will bend over backwards to help you - give them the opportunity. Don`t touch the laptop yourself at all - certainly don`t open the case. Take a few photographs immediately in case you need them later - I suspect you may need to send them to Dell just to prove your point.

As long as you haven`t tampered with the laptop since it was delivered you have nothing to worry about. Even if it was two years old it won`t make any difference to your claim against Dell as the supplier.

I actually believe Dell will respond very positively to your situation without the need to get upset with them. They have an extremely good reputation despite what some people say about them.

  Belatucadrus 17:25 24 Jun 2006

Check the battery number, if it matches those listed here click here then Dell are aware of the fire risk and you have a very strong case for receiving a replacement.

  spuds 09:03 25 Jun 2006

If the fire was definitely caused by the battery problem, then you would have a fairly solid claim, considering that Dell have now put out a recall on certain laptops. Checking the numbers against your brothers laptop could verify this concern.

The thing that I cannot understand is that you are saying that "They want £400 for the mobo", who wants this, and how did this request arise, because you have also stated, that you have taken advice from PC World. What as PC World got to do with this?.

Getting the full story, because its obvious that something is wrong here, will help in giving further advice and assistance, if that is what you are requesting.Just telling people not to buy, doesn't cover all eventualities, and your experiences may help and assist others with a similar problem.

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