Advise on Cordless mice !!

  RMonty 15:57 09 Oct 2003

Would be grateful of any comments on purchasing a cordless mouse.
Are they good and any recommendations ??, do the cheaper end of the range work satisfactory or is the old saying you pay for what you get !!.

Thanks in advance of any views.

  Al94 16:08 09 Oct 2003

I have been using a Microsoft cordless optical mouse for several months and find it a delight to use and trouble free. click here

I agree that you get what you pay for.

  BarryKeith 16:13 09 Oct 2003

Iv'e been using one for about a year now, no problems and it has rechargeable batteries so I just drop it in its charger when I am finished using it. Can't remember how much I paid for it, but it was very cheap compared to others available. Obtained from Lidl, one of their special offers, brand is Typhoon, made in germany.

  ribo 16:14 09 Oct 2003

I use, and have been doing for quite some time, a Microsoft IntelliMouse. I would recommend it. I do find that I need to replace the batteries quite regularly. J

  Djohn 16:32 09 Oct 2003

I use an A4 Tech from dabs. Cost about £15.00. Very precise in use. Also when the batteries run low, just plug the mouse into the supplied USB lead and use as a corded one until recharged. [2 hours]

  Steven135 16:50 09 Oct 2003

If you are willing to pay the extra: Logitec MX 700 re-chargable and the best mouse I have ever used 8 re-mappable buttons.

  ianeon 19:15 09 Oct 2003

I agree with RIBO - I use a Logitech cordless mouse and keyboard - great except they do use lots of batteries

  marjted 19:35 09 Oct 2003

Using a Medion cordless optical from Aldi earlier this year. Cost about £19? Well pleased. re-charges in a docking holder when not in use. Would recommend this sort of set up.

  froggg 19:36 09 Oct 2003

chic,from e-buyer,about a tenner.cordless rechargeable infra-red with charging holster.had mine a year-no problems,ambidextrous,nice shape and weight,5 button,400 dpi

  byfordr 09:47 10 Oct 2003

Just got the mx700 mouse and keyboard problems here. Definately recommended

  Wak 11:04 10 Oct 2003

If your cordless mouse is heavy on standard AAA batteries, try the dirt cheap ones (24 for £1)from off the markets. They only last half as long but are over 10 times cheaper.

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