advise on 17" monitor for games please

  pookie 12:45 27 May 2003


I have an old monitor that came with my previous computer. It's a proview something, 17". I have it at 1024x768 32 bit colour and it will do 75 Mhz refreash rate max.

I'd ideally like 17", still 1024x768 but would like refresh rate 100+. Oh and I've only got £100 to play with. It's only really for games.

Any ideas?



  pookie 19:34 27 May 2003

refreshed for the evening crew :-)

  Ironman556 19:41 27 May 2003

I think most CRT's should be good for games now, it's only with flatpanel LCD screens you need to check on good specs.. Have a look click here if you can push another £30 any of the following should be fine for gaming.

  pookie 19:45 27 May 2003

thanks Ironman556 - I did have a look at those initially but £100 is really my limit on this one.

  hugh-265156 19:59 27 May 2003

what about click here

  Ironman556 20:00 27 May 2003

You could try:

click here

click here

click here

They have some good deals sometimes.

  hugh-265156 20:05 27 May 2003

a better one click here

  spuds 20:05 27 May 2003

I have always recommended CTX monitors. A couple of weeks ago, I purchased on an urgent basis a Medion 17" Flatscreen for £85.00 [display model]instead of the usual price of £99.00. Great monitor, would recommend it.

  woody147 20:32 27 May 2003

why do you need a refresh rate of 100Hz+? Most people can't notice flicker above 70Hz so setting your monitor above this is making your graphics card work harder (and you will get lower frame rates in games) for no reason. You should be setting your monitor to the lowest refresh rate at which you don't notice flicker.

  pookie 08:31 28 May 2003

hi guys

thanks for the replies - some are tempting.

woody147 - probably a misunderstanding on my part but I thought that 85 was recommended with 75 as a minimum. Also, I thought that no matter how high your fps that you'll only actually see on the screen the refresh rate amount ie your fps could be 150 but if your refresh rate is 60 then 60 is all you'll see. Finally, aside from fps/refresh rate, by brother got a new laptop last week and the screen on it put mine to shame. I have tried enhancing the screen picture with powerstrip which is very good but as the screen probably wasn't even middle of the range some 3 years ago then it's just time for a change. I add ram, change graphics cards, update to xp, etc but I haven't yet changed the thing I look at for hours a day.

thanks again


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