Advice on wireless modem please?

  stugra 16:35 26 Dec 2008

I have some vouchers to spend at PC World! I need to replace my D-Link DSL-G604T modem router because the signal is not strong enough to reach the Nintendo Wii in the lounge. But I do not have a clue what to get.

My requirements would be:
100M range?
Preferably ethernet (keep the USB's free?)
BT ADSL used (not cable)
I have a D-Link USB dongle on a PC upstairs to connect to
I want reliability!! I would go mad if I had to reboot the modem router every few days!!
I do not necessarily want to go to the expense of above £60 (unless imperative)!

I really appreciate any help

  rdave13 16:58 26 Dec 2008

Have you tried changing the broadcasting channel on the D-Link? I'm not familiar with the D-Link but I believe there is a setting under "wireless settings" that you can change from auto to a manual setting. On my router channel 9 works well.

  Fingees 17:13 26 Dec 2008

Just a small point.
It often works out, that if computers /routers are on different floors, they are a lot harder to connect wirelessly.

Normally it can be overcome by more efficient antennas, both on computers and routers.

Worth concidering when deciding what to do.

  stugra 23:35 26 Dec 2008

Thanks Guys, but have fiddled with the channel and not managed to get any better a signal.

This is a straight forward transmission of about 12 metres on the ground floor.

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