Advice on Wireless Desktop PC

  GrannyA 09:36 09 Jul 2013

My PC is on it's last legs so have to buy another and would love to be without all the wires. Is there a reasonably priced one from a well known brand? What should I look for? What, if any, arethe pitfalls? Thank you in advance -always have had great help here. Granny A

  alanrwood 10:02 09 Jul 2013

Without which wires?

I guess you mean the Network cable to use wireless connection. That will be no problem but be aware that connection speeds are usually substantially lower using wireless than if you use a wired connection.

  alanrwood 10:04 09 Jul 2013

Just to clarify I was referring to network connection speed and not internet connection speed whichj is fixed by the deal you have with your ISP.

  spuds 11:06 09 Jul 2013

I assume by suggesting Wireless, you want to go the whole way, and that includes printers and other add-on devices?.

Regarding pitfalls, there can be a number, depending on how savvy you are with this type of equipment, and whether you follow the instructions available.

There are a number of computer's that might fit the bill, so give us an idea as to your budget, whether you want it for basic computer use, or something more advanced. The operating system is also a consideration, because some people like to stick to a product they know, while other people might like Linux or are considering the the latest Microsoft operating system. Which brings the subject of having a computer with pre-installed software, or installing something yourself.

Answer a few of the above, and anything else you might think about, and someone will respond and offer suitable possible solutions.

  wiz-king 16:53 09 Jul 2013

Make sure that your printer and any other periferals can be run wireless or you will be back to wires!

  alanrwood 19:08 09 Jul 2013

I think that in order to give a sensible answer to this member we need to have a lot more information about what she wants to achieve, what equipment she has and what she wants to run wirelessly.

  GrannyA 21:51 09 Jul 2013

I am so sorry - I did an email in response to spuds but don't think I had logged in so it didn't go. (Now you see how daft I can be!) The budget is , I think quite good, £600-700? We already have a HP wireless printer (and mouse) which I use with my netbook from downstairs. I use the computer mainly for emails, browsing, boking holidays, tickets etc and really not much more. No games apart from those already on when bought i.e. Solitaire FreeCell etc and a Chess game. I assume that, with a wireless, PC the monitor and keyboard would also be wireless? GrannyA

  alanrwood 10:19 10 Jul 2013

The monitor would not be wireless. That is not possible. You already have a wireless printer and mouse/keyboard so that would not be a problem. To buy a new one would be around £20 for a half decent one so you don't have to keep swapping it between computers which is never a good practice as it could eventually lead to wear on the USB socket (rare but not unknown). The budget is too high for the usage to which you will put it unless you do lots of photo editing or similar. I would look for something around £400 with an Intel i5 processor and 4GB of memory. They are available at that price as a friend of mine purchased one about a month ago. I assume your current monitor is still OK to use with a new base unit.

  GrannyA 18:51 12 Jul 2013

Hello Alanrwood. Your message reminded me that I do, in fact, do a lot of pho graphic stuff on my PC. Can you suggest a reliable wireless desktop. Monitor, printer etc are, I am told, in good order. Present PC is 11 years old! HP so I am drawn to them.

  alanrwood 19:17 12 Jul 2013

I would not like to make any specific recommendations but it would appear that the spec I gave should be adequate for your use. Most desktop computers do not come with Wireless connectivity so you would need to fit a wireless card into the motherboard but these are relatively cheap ie no more than £15. Remembering that wireless will be much slower for network traffic, you might still be better with a wired connection. If you are only using the network to connect to the internet via a router it would probably not be a problem as wireless can cope with the internet access speeds anyway.

I would have a look at eBay to see what is available and to gauge prices then take some advice when you have a short list.

  spuds 20:00 12 Jul 2013


Can I make a suggestion, if you have a local Currys/PC World, the go along there and ask one of the assistant's for advice on what they have and what would fit in with your requirements. Get the specifications offered, then come back to the forum for further advice.

Do not purchase anything at this stage, because what Currys/PC World might offer, someone might come up with a better alternative.

Regarding eBay, then perhaps a word of warning regarding purchasing from there. Bargains can be obtained, but you have to be sure as to what you are getting, or think that you are getting, because sometimes the exact specifications are not always clear, especially to those not sure with computer builds. I got stung once, having purchased a new computer, which didn't quite meet up to expectations or specifications. That computer company sold many computer's over a number of days, and went bust shortly afterwards.

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