advice on which wifi modem to get

  pookie 20:24 18 Apr 2006

hi guys

at home i currently have a desktop which is on broadband (cable along floor) tiscali 2Mb with uncapped. i also use a laptop for work which has wireless card built in but at home i have installed tisacli on it and switch the actual usb line from desktop to laptop depending on which i'm using for internet access. at work the laptop is only wireless.

i'm thinking of getting wireless for the desktop at home so both desktop and laptop could use internet at the same time. problem is there are so many makes for wifi and i'm not sure what i need. i take it i need a wifi modem (is this the same as a router??) and a wifi adaptor that would plug into a usb port on the desktop?? ideally i'd like connection to make the most of the 2Mb speed i have on the hard cable route - so do i need to get a 108 wifi modem over a 54 modem?? do i need a xxxg or xxxn (whatever they mean but i believe n is better). i'd probably buy whatever i need from staples or dixons and would ideally look to spend £60 approx if possible.

any advice on makes, items i've missed, etc??

many thanks


  wobblymike 20:33 18 Apr 2006

If your laptop is wifi enabled all you need is a wireless router/modem - I use a dlink 604+ and am very happy with it here is a typical example currently on sale on e bay click here
you need an ethernet connection on your desktop which may be built into your mobo - if not fit an ethernet pci card which are pennies on e bay.
If you decide to go this way and want any more info post back.

  kjrider 20:59 18 Apr 2006

Go for one of the 802.11g ones for the best speed & range.

The 802.11b may be a bit slower and cheaper to get.

If you get a 802.11a you may find that you are on your own as it is 5Gbs and not the 2.5Gbs that is usually used.

  pookie 21:15 18 Apr 2006

thanks for the replies

if i am the only user ie not being shared with an office staff for example would i need 108 for fast download speed or would 54 be ok?? range wise i'd be plugging it in the next room to the desktop/laptop with no concrete walls between.


  pookie 17:35 02 May 2006

hi guys

change of plans. i now want to keep the desktop as non wireless but have the laptop as wireless. I take this means i will not need to buy an usb adaptor for the desktop??

so would i just buy a wireless router and plug into directly into the desktop? and not use my current tiscali modem??

many thanks


  Aargh 17:46 02 May 2006

I use a Belkin F5D7632-4 ADSL Wireless router/ modem. Connect your PC to it by ethernet cable and wifi your laptop with an adapter.Remember speed is relative - a 108mps wifi connection is still limited by the speed of your line.

  pookie 18:31 02 May 2006

would i have an ethernet cable with my existing tiscali provided modem? would i then do use my current broadband modem at all?? would i need an adapter for my laptop as it is wireless at work??

  wobblymike 07:18 03 May 2006

See my post above on 18/04

Your post above at 1735 is confusing - if your desktop is non wireless how are you going to acces the internet from your wireless laptop - you would have to connect it by ethernet which surely defeats the purpose of going wireless.

As regards the capability of your current modem does it have an ethernet socket on the back of it?

  961 10:13 03 May 2006

From what you say the easiest and cheapest way to get reliable connection is to simply buy an additional Voyager 105 USB router and use that for the laptop. This works out around £35 including the two cables and two additional filters. Then you don't need to switch the router around between desktop and laptop. The only downside is they can't work together

Wireless allows you to enter a whole new world of (expensive) problems. If you live in a wooden house with partition walls you'll be ok. If there is anything approaching stone in the structure watch out. For reliability you need a pre-n router such as the Belkin. Cheap they aren't and they also often need same make receiver at the laptop end. For the thing to work in a stone house you need the new stuff that works via the electricity circuit. That's even more expensive

  ed-0 11:09 03 May 2006

I have the same set up as you want. You need to ditch the tiscali modem and get something like a click here.

Put belkin software onto the computer. Plug the phone line into the back of the router and the cable from the router to your ethernet port. Set up your user name and password with the wizard. Input tiscali's - PPPoA ( 0 - 38 ) and you are connected to the net.

Switch on the laptops WiFi and you should see the network. Click on IE and you should be straight on to the net.

Setup the security, if you need it.

  pookie 12:44 04 May 2006

as an update i got a d-link 54 modem/router. desktop is cabled to modem and laptop is wireless. desktop seems faster than through tiscali supplied modem. laptop is on about 11Mbps which i guess is ok.

cheers for help


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