Advice and webistes needed on how t replace cracked laptop screen for Toshiba C660 4gb laptop

  julius44 18:59 30 Aug 2012

Hello and good evening to you all. I purchased a toshiba laptop from Argos this in December of last year. Here is the link:

In June I sold it to a work colleague, and its been working perfectly for her. last week she said brought it back as a crack seems to have developed on the screen. Theres no point of me taking it to argos as they wont replace it. I've told my friend that i'll find out about getting screen replaced and she can re-imburse me for it. I've got the laptop with me now.....and ive got a special set of screwdrivers, so i'm just looking for good links where to purchase replacement screen from, even if its ebay, and online videos how to replace a laptop screen please. Any help would be much appreciated, ideally I would like to order it tonight. many thank

  chub_tor 19:22 30 Aug 2012

There is a tutorial here and a screen here just two examples turned up by Google.

  john bunyan 19:24 30 Aug 2012

I had one done at a local repair shop for about £80 or so, maybe £100

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:26 30 Aug 2012

screen herebut check connection before ordering video guide at bottom of page

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:28 30 Aug 2012

Done a couple of toshibas hardest part is getting the bezel off

  julius44 19:41 30 Aug 2012

Hey thanks for all responses so far, fruitbat, pls can you advice me which connector in should be please? ive got the laptop here, with me, ive not taken off cracked screen yet, but I just need to know that its the correct screen i'm ordering, many thanks for your responses

  Forum Editor 19:59 30 Aug 2012

"I just need to know that its the correct screen i'm ordering,..."

Take a look at this before you order It provides you with the part number for the various different makers of screens for your particular laptop model. The screens mentioned are all compatible with the laptop.

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