Advice wanted re using Partition Magic

  Nosmas 11:34 15 Jun 2005

I have recently upgraded my system by fitting a new MBO (Matsonic MS8147C), new HDD (Western Digital Caviar 80GB) and have installed XP Home. My original OS was W98 so I am still "finding my way" around XP.

I have installed Partition Magic v8.0 as I want to create a multi-boot system with another copy of XP (cloned from the first copy after it has been properly set up and activated) and an install of W98SE, on two more partitions for experimental work outside the main XP OS, and create a logical partition (within a fourth = Extended partition) to hold my data files. I allowed XP to create the first partiton (size 6GB and format Fat32) and intend to format the other partitions Fat32.

I would welcome some advice re the use of PM for creating the other partitions. I have set the first partition at 6GB in order to have enough space for the the OS and all the applications I may want to install, but immediately I try to create another Primary partition PM displays a message "This partition crosses the 1024 cylinder boundary and may not be bootable." I think this is probably because the initial partition size shown is the remaining unallocated space on the disk. However it is apparent that the total sizes of partitions cannot exceed about 8GB before hitting the 1024 cylinder boundary. Surely this is totally
insufficient for me to do what I propose? Or am I misunderstanding the PM Help topic, and can I in fact create two more Primary partitions that will in fact be bootable even though they are beyond the 1024 cylinder boundary? I have checked my BIOS (Phoenix - Award) and the Access Mode is set to the default of 'Auto'.

  leo49 12:36 15 Jun 2005

Ignore that warning - that always appears.

Be interested to see if cloning XP works for you - I've never managed to get it to work and always do a fresh XP install for my 'workhorse'XP into the 2nd partition.[The XP in the 1st partition I only use to house Bootmagic,Partitionmagic,Drive Image,and my internet setup and is only used to operate on the 'workhorse' with PM & DI from within Windows and access the Internet in an emergency].

  Ivor_Monkey 12:46 15 Jun 2005

Isn't it better and more economical to take an image (Acronis?) of the partition wih the XP operating system?

  leo49 12:48 15 Jun 2005


  Ancient Learner 12:58 15 Jun 2005

I have used Partition Magic quite a bit, but, because I can give myself enough headaches without trying to fiddle with different OS's, I don't.

However, I do wonder if you are going to find that only 6GB for your XP partition is going to be enough. My similar partition, 'C' Drive, which has very little on it in the way of other programmes, as these reside on a different Partition, (I have 4 partitions on each of 2 HDs) as does 'My Docs' etc, has over 10GB on it at the moment.

I had 'C' drive at 15GB, but then ran into trouble when I was trying to do a back up with Nero to DVDs and Nero couldn't find enough space for its required temp file. I sorted this by increasing the size of 'C' drive by another 10GBs to 25GB.

XP uses space like there is no tomorrow, and there is little you can do about it mostly, as I am sure that, if you are just starting using it, you will soon discover!

(Just remember that with a computer you can sort out problems that you didn't have before you had a computer!)

  leo49 13:05 15 Jun 2005

It's not XP that really uses the space - it's all the Temp files and Page files - for which I use separate drives.

My XP 'workhorse' and all my programs only occupy 3.3gb of a 5gb partition.

  TomJerry 13:11 15 Jun 2005

I have 2k and XP and all beyond 1024, all work fine.

You may need to install 98 first, i.e. the beginning of HDD.

6GB is too small for XP, you need a bigger HDD for the things you want to do, 160GB is a good start

version 8.05 will not have this 1024 limit problem.

  Nosmas 14:30 15 Jun 2005

Thanks for your reply. Re your method of using two installs of XP, how do you deal with activating each of them? Is each one activated separately and if so does this raise any questions from Microsoft?

Like you I don't understand Ivor_Monkey's suggestion, but I haven't installed Acronis True Image so have no experience of how that works. My idea to 'clone' the installed XP is to use DI to make an image and put it onto a separate logical partition, then to 'restore' that image, not to the original partition, but to the partition I want to create to hold the second copy of XP. Do you see any problems with that?

Please can you elucidate (re your response to Ancient Learner) exactly how you have arranged your Temp and Page files on separate drives?

  Nosmas 14:31 15 Jun 2005

Thanks for your reply and confirmation that 'beyond 1024' works fine. What do you mean by 'You may need to install 98 first, i.e. the beginning of HDD.' Are you suggesting that I should wipe out all that I have already done and start afresh by installing W98SE first, followed by XP? Or do you mean using PM to move the partition containing XP further along the disk map in order to create the partition for W98SE in the unallocated space in front of of it? Why do you feel that W98SE needs to be at the 'front end' of the disk?

I note what you say about 6GB being too small, but leo49 seems to be happy with only 5GB!

  leo49 14:50 15 Jun 2005

The cloning method you describe is how I've tried many times to do it but it's never worked for me[I put it down to the pecularites of XP 'locking' itself to HDD sectors - on the other hand it's just as likely to be my incompetence].

re Temp and Page - you just tell Windows and all applications where to put them[in XP System-Advanced Tab-/Performance settings for Page and /Environment Variables for Temp.And then all the programs that create Temp files including IE have to be told the same thing usually under their own Options tabs.

  TomJerry 15:02 15 Jun 2005

NT is one of this. I am not sure about 98SE. You can try to install and see what happen. If it wants beginning, you just need to use PM to move XP down.

Regarding XP activation, you may try Telephone activate. Since two XP install on exactly the same PC, I think activate code should be the same. I have to say I did not try this myself because I use large volumn XP Pro license and no need for activation and only £20 for each additional installtion.

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