Advice wanted on a Defrag programme

  Housten 11:53 07 Sep 2012

Good Morning,

I have read that some people do not think that it is necessary to defrag. well I disagree and think that the registry and the hard drive should be defragged on at least a monthly basis.

But what I am using, at the moment, seem to be getting slower and slower. I know there are recommendations on PCA but what I would prefer is for some of you readers what you have and use. I would, obniously, prefer free ones because I have found that when you purchase this sort of programme then you get offered an upgrade and they just then keep coming with very little being gained for all the extra cost involved. OK the free ones don't have all the bells and whistles, but many of these I think are just not wanted, when all I want the programme to do is to get the files into an order where they can be got from the drive in the shortest time possible. I would also like to be able to defrag external hard drives.

So if anyone could let me know what they use I would be very grateful.

Many thanks in advance.

  T I M B O 11:59 07 Sep 2012

I personally use software called "MyDefrag" on all my computers.

  compumac 12:01 07 Sep 2012

I have used Diskeeper for a very long time. It is a paid for programme but you just leave it to do its job in the background. Occasionaly I look to ascertain that it is still functioning.

  Woolwell 12:58 07 Sep 2012

You don't defrag the registry. You can run registry cleaners but most make little or no difference to pc performance. In the days of small hard drive its may have made a slight difference. Defragging the hard drive can be useful but it depends on OS. W7 has a good defragger built in. You must not de-frag SSD's.

  T I M B O 13:05 07 Sep 2012

Registery Defrag

Glarys also has some software for Defragging

  Housten 13:53 07 Sep 2012


Good Afternoon.

Many thanks for all your - very speedy - replies. I will look at your suggestions and see which I will use.

Once again, many, mant thanks.

  Nontek 14:16 07 Sep 2012

I too have used Deskeeper, not expensive, for some years, IMHO it does a great job without one even noticing!

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