Advice wanted on correct way of home networking

  Ray5776 18:38 26 Jun 2006

Hi everyone,
I have not had a lot of luck with my previous attempts at networking so I will use a different approach and try and get advice first rather than do what I think and then ask for help when it does not work.

This is what I want to do;
Connect 3 PCs on a home network.
All are to have internet Access via ADSL line.
Printer sharing would be useful.
Dont necessarily need file sharing.
All to be able to connect of their own accord without having others switched on.

What can you recommend as the best way to do this please, if 3 PCs makes it difficult I will settle for 2.

I would like all connections to be ethernet cable
I dont want to use USB and I dont need wireless, the infrastructure is in place.

So I wellcome your guidance on this and will try to get it right at last.


  Ray5776 19:01 26 Jun 2006

I should have added,
2.Ease of setup and use

  Forum Editor 19:44 26 Jun 2006

via an ADSL router. It will have four spare ethernet ports, so no problems with connecting your three computers.

Each machine will be able to access the internet without the need for the others to be running, although obviously the router will need to be turned on.

Once you have the router up and running, and your computers connected and sharing the broadband connection, you can run the networking wizard on each machine. You'll be able to share files/folders and your printer across the network, but before you can do that you must enable sharing on the relevant files and/or folders on each machine. Make sure that the workgroup name is the same on all the machines (you'll be offered MSHOME by default, but you can choose a name of your own if you like), and that each computer has a unique name.

If you have problems seeing other machines on the network it's likely that the cause will be a firewall - you'll need to configure the firewall to allow the network traffic.

  Ray5776 20:34 26 Jun 2006

Thanks FE, I thought that would be the way to go but in the past I have been misguided and have bought the wrong routers one was a BT voyager that only had one ethernet port and one USB.
Bought a second one Safecom 4 port router but could not get it to work. Tried for help here but nobody seems to have heard of it, This is why I am asking for advice before making any more mistakes.

What I really need to know is which router to get, something reliable and something that other members have heard of if I need help.

Thanks for your response.


  ade.h 20:38 26 Jun 2006

See my response to this thread for some good (well proven) recommendations and links click here

  Ray5776 20:56 26 Jun 2006

Thanks ade.h but they all seem to be wireless routers
I dont need a wireless nor do I want one, surely cable connection has to be more reliable, I have all the cables in place.

Can you suggest a cable connection router please.


  ade.h 21:18 26 Jun 2006

I could.... but a good Ethernet-only router is as expensive - sometimes more so - than a good wireless router. Due, no doubt, to economies of scale and differing markets: wired routers are aimed at businesses but even they are beginning to favour wireless in some cases.

Any good wireless router is every bit as reliable and easy to configure as an equivalent wired router and the wireless broadcast can normally be disabled.

  ade.h 21:19 26 Jun 2006

^when used wired-only^

  Strawballs 00:47 27 Jun 2006

click here linksys are made by sisco systems and they don't come much bigger in internet and networking

  Ray5776 15:36 27 Jun 2006

thanks Strawballs, that should do the job and it`s a manufacturer we have all heard of, not a bad price either, will probably go for that unless anyone else has any opinions.


  Ray5776 16:11 27 Jun 2006

been looking at Linksys routers can anyone tell me the difference between the BEFSR 41 model and the AG 241 they both sound good but AG 241 is twice the price.

Also if I were to consider wireless then presumably each computer would require a receiver/transmitter, can anyone tell me about this.



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