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Advice wanted on connecting external sata drive

  manrow 06:34 24 Jun 2007

I am wanting to connect a 320gb sata hard drive installed in its own case and connected to the sata connection on the motherboard. Trouble is that Windows XP will not load up when it is connected, as it seems to be trying to boot from the new hard drive.

If I connect it after loading Windows then it says drive cannot be recognised/formatted etc., until computer re-started, and then of course it won't boot up as before?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:47 24 Jun 2007

The PC should try to boot from the SATA 1 connection on the motherboard first, DO NOT plug your external drive into this connection.

  manrow 13:04 24 Jun 2007

Fruit Bat, thanks for the info.

My Motherboard as I understand it has two SATA 1 connections, one of which is powering an internal SATA hard drive which is not being used to boot from. This has been working fine.

I do not understand what the difference is having either an external or internal drive attached to these connections?

Would it help if I initialised and formatted the new hard drive internally?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:57 24 Jun 2007

If you have XP on an IDE HDD check in BIOS that it is set as first boot device.

  manrow 16:03 24 Jun 2007

Fruit Bat, thanks for further info.

In the meantime I had tried reversing the wires to the SATA connections, and attempted to alter the BIOS connections as someone else proposed above. None of these seemed to help so I connected the new external drive to USB port, and have now been able to format 3 partitions which I created without any problem. Since I only intend it to be a storage device for digital photos, I guess it will be much slower exchanging data if I do it through USB in future rather than SATA port?

I find the BIOS pages intimidating due lack of experience in their use, and am very cautious about changing too much at one time. Is trial and error the answer or are there really useful web pages to learn from?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:48 24 Jun 2007

BIOS Settings
click here

A little old now but some good advice

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:50 24 Jun 2007

For beginners this one is probably better click here

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