Advice wanted about memory stick

  ponytail 09:15 13 Jan 2019

I store music to play in the car on 16gb memory sticks but my wife has just bought one of the following but was not sure if I could put music on it for her.It is a 16gb version.I have not opened it yet just need to make sure it is the right thing. SanDisk USB Flash Drive ULTRA FLAIR 32 gb Black, Silver | Viking Direct UK

  ponytail 09:18 13 Jan 2019

This is the item. click here

  wee eddie 10:27 13 Jan 2019

Viking have been trading for several decades, I dealt with them in the 80's & 90's, and so the product should be kosher.

Just remember, every time you remove it, you must go through the "Safely Remove Hardware" routine. or it will become unuseable

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:45 13 Jan 2019

viking are a good company have bought office supplies from them for years

Its a standard USB stick just plug into our PC and drag and drop mp3 files to it.

You can unplug it as long as it is not being written to or writing from it safely eject can be used to ensure this.

As for using it in the car most cars don't have a safely eject feature so only unplug it when the sound system is off.

You can get a hell of a lot of songs on a 16g stick :0)

  ponytail 12:07 13 Jan 2019

I have got a Hyundai i10 Premium with a 17 plate which does not come with a CD player so I have got some memory sticks.My wife bought this item yesterday and I am certain she can store and play music on it in the car is that correct.Thanks for the replies.

  ponytail 12:09 13 Jan 2019

Forgot to ask but is this item password controlled as I seem to remember reading something about passwords.

  martd7 12:44 13 Jan 2019

No just put the memory stick into your pc and copy to it any mp3s,ensure as MJS Warlord notes,delete any folder artwork ,so your folder will only contain mp3s,or sometimes the music doesn't play

  ponytail 13:02 13 Jan 2019

All I am doing is ripping the tracks from mine or the wifes CDs and putting them on the memory stick.I create a album title and put that on the stick and then open it and put the tracks into that folder.I then just have to scroll though and find the album title and play.

  ponytail 13:05 13 Jan 2019

My wife paid £10 for it yesterday but can get it for £5.61 on Amazon with free postage so may take it back to the shop for a refund as it is still unopened and order one from Amazon.

  ponytail 09:48 24 Jan 2019

My wife has now got her Memory stick and I have put several of her CDs on it.Thanks for the replies.

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