Advice Wanted.

  fitzy- 2nd 11:03 13 Dec 2004


I have just bought a NEC ND-3500 IVORY DUAL LAYER 16X 8.5GB. And i'm
using Nero Express 6 programme.

What it is, when it comes to writing a disc, you have the remaining time countdown time. What happens is the remaining time counter counts down to 0.00 but the burning still carrys on, is there something wrong with the rewriter, or the programme, or is this the norm thing that happens?

Like this morning, the remaining time counter stoped at 0.00. even thougt it had only burned 68% and it took another 3 minutes to complete, you see the first couple of times i used the rewriter the burning process and the countdown time finished together

I'd be very grateful for any info.

  john-232317 11:17 13 Dec 2004

Mine also carries on after the zeros, so its probly a program fault, but nothing to worry about, unless you time your eggs by it.

  ACOLYTE 12:38 13 Dec 2004

My timer does the same not with nero i don't use it,but sometimes it has to finalise settings and write the programme manager(DVD).

  stlucia 12:50 13 Dec 2004

Seems to be a common problem. I use Roxio, and it often reports 100% complete even though things are still going on for another couple of minutes.

  bruno 13:08 13 Dec 2004

Me too on Roxio.

  jack 14:06 13 Dec 2004

The time counter is I imagine the cache in the computer passing the data - The burn will run on
considerable beyond that, plus finalizing the
disk and verification - nothing to be concerned about so long as a good disk pops out of the toaster

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