Advice on Video editing on a PC then back to VHS

  Migwell 23:14 24 Feb 2003

I am wanting to edit some vioeo from a camcorder on my PC then record it back onto a standard VHS video recorder, maybe using a composit video lead into a scart socket. I would also like to put on VHS video some PowerPoint training slides I have done for work. Can any one help me with this task please, by telling me what equipment I need for the PC and how to go about it.

  Lead 05:12 25 Feb 2003
  Bagsey 08:46 25 Feb 2003

Before we can offer any solid advice we need to know. 1. are you use analogue or digital camera. and 2. What level of computer kit have you got

  Migwell 10:09 25 Feb 2003

My system consists of the following 60 gig 7200 rpm Maxtor Drive, 20 gig Maxtor 5000 rpm drive also, A7V226E Asus Mobo, AMD 1700XP processer, 512 DDR PC2100 Memory.

wanting to use both a digital and an analogue camera. These need to be edited and put back out onto VHS standard video tape, would also like to use PowerPoint for Demonstration and tutor work.

Thanks MVK

  Bagsey 07:48 26 Feb 2003

Your computer and 60 gig hdd are certainly up to the job. I am not sure how the 20 gig drive will affect you though. I understood that the system is only as good as the slowest drive. Somone else may be able to put me right on that.
For you digital camera you can use a firewire input into your computer so that is not expensive. For your analogue camera input you will need a capture card unless your digital camera is like mine and has Digital in Digital out and analogue in and out. If you have that then use the digital camera to pass your analogue signal to your computer. you will need some editing software Pinnacle etc. But windows XP comes with a very basic video editor which may suffice.

  stlucia 10:53 26 Feb 2003

Just to reassure you on Migwell's point about drive speed, I wouldn't worry for the moment:

I have a similar setup, Athlon 600Mhz with two 5400 HDDs (13Gb and 40Gb) and one 7200 80Gb HDD that I use for my video. The 80Gb is slave, sharing an IDE lead with my burner. Even then, I have no problems with capturing full-quality data from my DV camera in real time.

  Bagsey 21:07 26 Feb 2003

Thanks for your reassurance.

  Migwell 00:28 27 Feb 2003

The Analogue camera has only an output socket setup for sound and video, both composit and that little 4 pin did plug, NO INPUT sockets. I had hoped to be able to get the output from the TV out on the video card but can only ever get a plain blue or grey desk top screen on the TV, that has no detail of what is on my monitor. That is even using the dual screen settings set at clone and the only resolution I can set for the TV is 800X600. So that became a bit of a dead end I felt, to get the pictures back off the computer and onto VHS video tape. Since then I have been told that I should be able to get DVD out of the TV out sockets on the video card but I still can't manage it. Any help on this from some one out there and I think I am am just about where I need to be.

  Migwell 00:31 27 Feb 2003

That little 4 pin plug should be a DIN plug and not that new type I called the DID plug.

Blimey is that the time what ever happened to sleep these days.

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