Advice On Video Capture

  Tizzle 17:51 31 Jul 2003

Anyone out there give me some advice?
I'm planning on putting some videos from VCR onto CD - probably SVCD, or MPEG4.
I've got a Gainward 8 x AGP video card with S-Video, but I believe it's video OUT only.
I'm trying to use Pinnacle Studio 8 software to capture the video, but there is no option offered to capture from anything other than a DV Camcorder (I suspect because of the S Video OUT only on the AGP card).
Can anyone suggest a reasonable capture card that will let me capture from the VCR to the HDD?

Any suggestions, advice, tips, etc. more than welcome.

Thanks in advance


  Ben Avery 17:56 31 Jul 2003

That will likely be OUT only - you are correct. What you need is a capture card. Pinnacle and such like companies make them, this will allow you to receive an INPUT as well and using the software, capture the image to your HDD.

I bought a Dazzle 150 to capture - and although it gets little use, with the right software is a doddle!


  exbrat67 18:48 31 Jul 2003

You have chosen a very good editing package in Studio 8. I agree with BA. If you find that you need a firewire card then I suggest the Lacie PCI card at £22 from dabs. This will capture digital only only so you will need to get an anologue to digital converter. I use a Dazzle DV bridge which converts in both directions enabling you to make copies to VHS,Video 8 and (digital if you ever get a digital camcorder). Watch out for capture cards and converters that come bundled with editing software as these are nearly always cutdown or old versions. Studio 8 is one of the best and easy to use with good support

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